Roach Sunday Contest Week 17

5 months ago

It is time for the Roach Sunday Contest

If you are a regular reader you know that it is time for the "Show me your Roach Sunday" contest. One winner will win 4.20 smoke and this weed piggy bank. Thank you to all my readers who have helped Roach Sunday become a popular tag. With your help Roach Sunday will trend on Sundays.






Check out the origins of Roach Sunday

If you want to read about the church and how the Roach Sunday tradition started you can find the post about it here it is more than a contest that I am hosting, it is sacrament. And for those of you who say gross, have you tried it? This is no different than those who use filters and smoke all the way down to the filter and is a lot healthier than mixing tobacco with your cannabis. Seriously I think that mixing cannabis and tobacco is gross and sacrilege, I have tried it and I don't like it so I say that from experience, I see people making comments over the last few weeks who have admittedly has not tried it, so how do they really know if it is gross or not?

All entries will receive an upsmoke

But only one of you stoners will win 4.20 smoke and the weed bank

How to enter

There are two ways to enter but you can only enter once
You may do a post if you would like and link your entry but YOU MUST Upload YOUR PHOTOS OR EMBED YOUR VIDEO OR GIF into the comments for your entry to be valid.

You can make a video showing me your roaches


You can take a photo with a piece of paper with your username and today's date and a photo of a roach or your roach collection.

Here is my Roach Sunday as an example of what you need to show.
You don't have to show both a roach collection and a roach but I need to see one or the other and then I also need to see it rolled up into a roach doobie like shown or packed in a bowl. (2).gif

This is a 24 hour contest

Contest ends at Midnight EST 2/11/19 in approx. 24 hours. As this is a ONE DAY ONLY, weekly contest for 4.20 smoke with occasional physical prizes. So show me your Roach Sunday for your chance to win. If you didn't save any roaches this week save them for next week for your chance to win. Or twist a doobie up smoke it then pack the roach in a bowl problem solved. No reason not to enter this week with all the ways to enter...

Till next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff, Puff, Pass and join me for Roach Sunday. As I fire up the first roach of the day and get baked.


75 (1).png


@gr8fulmag420 created the Roach Sunday images, protip those who make a post get Roach Sunday support upsmokes


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A birdy told me todays Roach Sunday is a special one due to what happens 2moro. ;)


Riz should keep her mouth shut. LOL good thing she is my dear friend and I love her.


I'm not sure if you mean me but ily2 dnq Lol😊


😂😂😂 acting like you don't know


😎 I have no iclue what you mean😊



I’m in and I even made a post this week!


You have been assigned number 2 for the drawing

I’m in for #roachsunday



Tell me I’m not dates off....2/10/19


you have been assigned number 3 and classic stoner move. LOL


You have been assigned number 4 for the drawing

Like the retro tin cannabis bank :) A couple of my tins are that novelty retro style.


Doh i forgot to write my name on a paper :) But that's my tray, ghetto blaster and blunt roaches, and smoke spot :)


You have been assigned 1 for the drawing good luck

I'm still excited about last week! I'll get something together.

The piggy bank should be bigger because people save a lot of money for weed!


Holds enough for a 8th


My dealer loves it when i pay in 2p pieces


LOL I always take my change to the bank and cash it in before going to the dealer. I will save thousands in change and take it in once I run out of space to store it.