Roach Sunday contest: The one year anniversary of the launch

7 months ago

It has been 52 straight Sundays in a row that I have hosted the Roach Sunday Contest.

I believe that @skylinebuds was the very first Roach Sunday winner. I have given away smoke swag to users all over the world and plan to keep doing so. As I believe in this platform. This weeks Roach Sunday Contest is a three parts contest Meaning there are three prizes and you can enter all three ways. Told you it was gonna be a special Roach Sunday this week.

1st way to enter

The first way to enter is to show me your roach/roaches. One person who shows me their Roaches will win 4.20 in smoke and a mystery prize.


2nd Way to enter

Guess how many Roaches are in my second generation Roach Jar. These are the roaches of the Roach joints I smoke. Closest guess will be the Winner and will receive 4.20 smoke and a mystery prize.




3rd way to enter

Guess the weight of the 2nd Generation Roach Jar. Closest guess to the correct weight will win 4.20 smoke and a mystery prize.

This week's Roach Sunday will run a full week.

I will announce the winners in next weeks Roach Sunday Post which will resume it's 24 hour status next week. This is a special anniversary Roach Sunday. So it gets special treatment. So get your doobies smoked and show me your Roaches, make your guesses and place them in the comments below. Winners will have 7 days to message me their mailing address on discord. I am queenofsmoke#7681 on discord.

A reminder that I joined Canna-Curate Radio come and listen

I joined the #canna-curate discord radio show as a DJ hosting the Roach Sunday Show on Sunday nights at 10 PM EST on Canna-Curate Radio come and grow with us and join me for some tunes and some cannabis related talk. It will be a hodgepodge of a show with some talk and a wide range of cannabis related music. So if you don't like what is playing stick around something will come on more to your liking, as I like pretty much all music.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass





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#3 Entrance:


48 roaches 😜

#2 Entrance:
26 2nd generation roaches.

#1 Entrance:



Every #RoachSunday has been great! I can say I’ve shared in a lot of the prizes! Thank You!

#3 Entrance:


No we won't, stop spamming I will keep flagging you