Roach Sunday Contest Season 2 Week 9

8 months ago

It is time for another Roach Sunday Contest

There is a major change for Season 2 for the Roach Sunday Contest, this season you will have one full week to get your entries in. Also each week I will be rotating the requirements for the contest. Some weeks I will request to see your roaches, or your Roach Doobie, or I might even ask you to guess the weight. I might repeat the same one two weeks in a row but regardless of what I require to enter, I will be giving a full week for you to enter. This is Season 2 week 9.


Last weeks winner is @grahamsvorten

He shared his Roach Sunday and just like that he has won 4.20 smoke and a mystery prize. Interacting with my roach Sunday posts can win you some smoke and a mystery prize too. @grahamsvorten you have 7 days to message me your mailing address for your mystery prize on discord I am queenofsmoke#7681 on discord. I have sent your 4.20 smoke check your wallet.

This weeks Roach Sunday Game is guess the weight of the Roach Doobie

So guess how much it weighs and the person closest to the correct weight will win 4.20 smoke and a mystery prize. One guess per person. Winner will have 7 days to DM me with a mailing address for any physical prizes or they forfeit their prize. Those who enter are responsible to check back to see if they have won. I will not hunt down winners. So if you enter check back next week to see if you have won. I am queenofsmoke#7681 on discord


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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1.2 grams!

Ima say 1.47g

Even 2g

1.81 g

1.5 grams!