Roach Sunday Contest Season 2 Week 14

23 days ago

It is time for another Roach Sunday Contest

I made a major change for Season 2 for the Roach Sunday Contest, this season you will have one full week to get your entries in. Also each week I will be rotating the requirements for the contest. Some weeks I will request to see your roaches, or your Roach Doobie, or I might even ask you to guess the weight. I might repeat the same one two weeks in a row but regardless of what I require to enter, I will be giving a full week for you to enter. This is Season 2 week 14


Last weeks' winner is @relaylogix

Last week I was on the go when I posted the Roach Sunday post as it was my anniversary, I broke tradition and didn't require anything but to know you had the desire to win. I also just put up a prize and no smoke like I normally do, but once again posting quickly on the go that is what happens. Number 3 was drawn this week for last weeks entries. @relaylogix was assigned number 3 and has won a cannabis puzzle that I picked up last Sunday.

cannabis puzzle.jpeg

Screenshot_2020-03-08 RANDOM ORG - True Random Number Service.png

This week I want to see a roach

Just one single roach is what I want to see. Show me a photo below and you will be entered in for your change to win a mystery prize and 4.20 smoke. Easy peasy to enter and to win, I even pay for the shipping. Many users have won and you might just be the next winner, if you can follow directions and enter your photo in the comments below.

roach sunday.jpg

Additional rules

One entry per person. Winner will have 7 days to DM me with a mailing address for any physical prizes or they forfeit their prize. Those who enter are responsible to check back to see if they have won. I will not hunt down winners. So if you enter check back next week to see if you have won. I am queenofsmoke aka tecnosgirl#7681 on discord.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.




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I just sent @jrswab the same mousepad. Most seem to use phones anymore but programmers are still using computers and need mousepads lol

So cool story @relaylogix is gonna be in my area this week, and we actually plan to met up and burn, so I get to give him his prize in person.


That’s freaking dope 😎 witness pow wow... no making schemes to over throw the chain now 😉


No over throwing here, but who know what kinds of ideas can flourish during a meet-up.


I am thinking distribution 😋

@relaylogix congrats 👍

Challenge, can you put the puzzle together in one sitting? 😅 my fiancé does it all the dang time... this last one was more of a challenge though


I am a one sitting puzzle type.of person when I can but this one might not be so easy


I do believe your correct with the repeating images it will take awhile knock of the similar matches but those square boxes will work as a grid so ... hmm never know really depends on the eye!

The finance is now putting backing on all that she has done and soon we start hanging them 😎