It's Roach Sunday and time to bring back the Roach Sunday Contest

last month

It is another Roach Sunday

And it is past time to bring back the Roach Sunday contest. The Roach Sunday contest is a contest where I ask different things each week for your chance to win some Smoke Swag. Sometimes it is a guessing game, sometimes it is a show me something like a Roach Doobie or a roach collection or even a single roach. For those who doesn't know what a roach is, it is the end of your joints and blunts. This week I want to see your roaches (the ends of your joints) here is one of my jars I am currently filling with my roaches. On Sundays I roll Roach doobies you can find out why here. and have for years it is what inspired this contest, which I took a break from holding when CoVid-19 hit not knowing what the future held, I decided I should break from all the contest holding, but things are as they are and I am not going to let CoVid-19 to stop me from living life and doing my contests any longer.

What I want this week

Is I want to see your Roaches or Roach if that is all you have. If you don't have any, smoke a doobie and make one and take a photo of the roach. Easy Peasy and the winner will win a Roach Sunday keyring and 4.20 smoke. Shipping is included. Winner will have 7 days to message me on discord their mailing address. I am queenofsmoke aka tecnosgirl #7681 on discord.



Here is an example
Of what I want to see in my comments below. To enter this contest put your image in the comments below I will use to choose a winner on September 27th around 10:15 am

Don't forget @2pm EDT I host the Roach Sunday Show

What is Roach Sunday Show? It is a discord podcast hosted in the Greenhouse Radio section of the Canna-Curate channel, host by yours truly for 2 hours starting at 2PM EDT. Most of the music is about cannabis. Though every month there are 5 Sundays I host the women's power hour where all the songs are women artists and on those Sundays you will hears some songs not about cannabis, as it is hard to fill 2 hours of women artist about just cannabis. I also read a summary of cannabis news for the week and talk about current events.
I also have a song I consider to be the shows theme song. As it is a song about the ends of the doobies ie... the roaches. And that is Devin the Dudes "Doobie Ashtray" And today I will be announcing a contest at the top of the hour and if you are reading this before 2 PM EDT today you get a heads up about the contest I am going to be holding today. When you hear Devin the Dudes Doobie Ashtray play the first person the say Roach Sunday in the comments of the audience Chat will win this deck of playing cards.


So come and join me for the Roach Sunday Show

You can win some cool swag sometimes and nearly every week there are airdrops of different cryptos. Come join us for some music and cannabis chat. Meet new friends and create new bonds. And join us daily for our smoke outs we have virtually together. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass.



Anyone I have muted is blacklisted from my contests

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Thank you for the cool contest and for your awesome Roach Sunday Show.
Here is my roach contribution! :)


You have won last weeks Roach Sunday Contest. I am gonna make a post later but if you want to send me your mailing address on discord I will get your key ring out


Thank you @technosgirl! I'll make a smoke post with photos when I get the prize! :)
Much appreciated, thank you for choosing for the win! It looks like I smashed the competition hahaha.


Shit I ran out of time and didn't get a post in and am too tired to do one tonight. I am off to dream land.

So you host the Woman’s power hour on the 5th Sunday when they occur? First time I read through it my LowIQ read it as you played the power hour for 5 Sunday’s. I need to lay off the grass.


yep LMAO I may have written it when I was really high myself so maybe I wasn't as clear as I should be. LOL the next one will be in November

Ill find some papers just so i can enter this

Woww, Awesome 👍