It is my smokeversary contest

12 days ago

One year ago today my account was approved

I was so excited to see it approved as I LOVE cannabis. I also love the blockchain so combining the two for me was a dream come true. I love that is niche and I love that everyone on here is into the same niche I am into here Cannabis. Nothing is like the stoner community, except maybe music as it crosses all languages and ethnic groups just like cannabis does.


So in honor of my smokeversary

I am hosting a contest for a reusable bag. All you have to do is tell me how you found out about to win. Did a friend tell you about it, did you happen across it, did you find out about the site on another social media outlet like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Tell me in the comments below and I will assign you a number. Next week I will take all the numbered entries and put them in to pick a winner. Winner like always has 7 days to claim their prize.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Congratulations, you have got all the best. MORE YEARS TO PUFF AND KEEP ON PUFFING. Since then I knew you are so active and now is the fruit of your sacrifice here in
Have a nice day!
I came here with the invitation of my steemit friend. I was not so serious before but now when I knew the real benefits, I love it.


You have been assigned number 1 good luck

Happy Smokeversary! I’m still pretty new here and I can’t believe it took me so long. I saw links in the Canna Curate discord and Visited only to then realize how many familiar faces were here. The rest is history from there, I felt right at home since day 1 here #smokefam


You have been assigned number 5 good luck

I remember I stumbled on it during airdrop phase. Sticked till today!


You have been assigned number 4 good luck


My anniversary was back on September 23- I missed it! oops!

I found out about SMOKE from a Weku user who had posted about it on his page. I came over... applied, got approved hours later... and here I am!


You have been assigned number 3 good luck

Happy Smokeversary to you! Well. I was invited by my friend @dargonx0x to join in. We both were already 2 years on Steemit and heard about a new cannabis platform from other Steemians... so we both joined the week when Smoke network was created and went live in Sept 2019. Cheers!


You have been assigned number 2 good luck