I love smoke.io contest

11 months ago

I love smoke.io

As I know many others do too. I love it for many reasons. But am curious to why you love smoke.io. So I decided to have a contest where you tell me why you love smoke.io. One winner will receive 420 smoke and this cool smoke.io reusable bag. It is nice and heavy duty this is not some cheap flimsy bag.


How to enter

In the comments below tell me why you love smoke.io. I will assign all entries a number and randomly pick a winner on July 27, 2020 around 10 pm Eastern.

Winner will have one week to claim their prize

If you enter remember to check back next week to see if you have won. As winner has 7 days to claim their physical prize. The smoke will be immediately released to the winner but the physical prize I need an address for and winner is responsible to reach out for their prize with a mailing address. I can be Direct messaged on discord I am queenofsmoke aka tecnosgirl#7681 on discord. If you cannot find me you can comment on the winners post and I will link you to a room where you can connect with me to direct message your mailing address. I will not send additional smoke in lien of the physical prize if asked I will blacklist that users from future contests.

I randomly pick winners for most of my give aways. I pay shipping to the winner no matter their location in the world. But currently things are running slow because of CoVid-19 so international shipping might be slow so be patient if it takes a while to arrive to you. Even Canadian prizes I have sent lately that normally take 5 to 7 days have been taking 14 to 21. So please be patient.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit and good luck in this weeks contest/giveaway....



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You have been assigned number 2 good luck


Thank you very much.


Upon return...

My darling child, where in the world did you come from?

From the Smoke Network, and here is Stoner too, and oh, aunt Jane. I’m so glad to be home again! 💨

... lol ... don’t read into the message just fn aroun


Cousin Mary is here too


Alright, you win!

I love smoke.io because i love cannabis and this community of people that share the same interests :)


You have been assigned number 3 good luck

I love smoke.io cause I can 😅 actually what draws me here is the sense that I can be unadulterated, 18A right? I like to swear and write things not suitable for the thoughts of a child ... I know many of the other platforms state censorship resistance but lack of support for topics can seem the same as suppression. I don’t get that here as much ... sure curation is taken seriously by people like @indica but I also get a sense of support for efforts even for lifestyle posts as my lifestyle largely includes cannabis.


You have been assigned number 1 good luck and thanks for sharing.


I mean I could keep going ... I got to meet the likes of you 😘 I get all sorts of dope shit but not only that I was able to give back in supporting your journey to becoming a witness here 💪 nevermind acceptance for my own 😉

So many others... we see a return of @canna-curate through my searching for live streaming answers came a solution and what seems to be now the livelihood and directing force of my show ... listening to feedback and getting the initial support I have identified as key ... Smoke.io unites us though many have alternative priorities we do our thing here for the sake of doing our thing and that in a sense is a throw back to simpler times when long form was for the point only of getting ideas into the world which I find intriguing.

This bag is great! It looks good quality for sure like you say! Love the contest!

love your posts. glad to be back


Welcome back 🤗 you can enter the contest by writing something like above "I love smoke.io because..." 👍

Love how low the average IQ of people here is! It's so much fun fucking with inferior invalids! :-D