Grow, Smoke, Repeat Playing Cards giveaway

2 months ago

As promised I bring another giveaway

This time I have a deck of Grow, Smoke, Repeat playing cards. And one of you lucky stoners are going to win this deck of playing cards.



How to score your chance at this deck of cards

To encourage interaction you have to upload a photo of what you are smoking on tell me what it is and describe the buzz. That is it pretty simple. Everyone who enters will get a 100% upsmoke and one lucky entry will win the deck of playing cards. Only one way to get these cards and that is to win them as they are not for sale.

  • Example


This is Double Dream it have a very relaxed buzz that lends itself to creative focus

These cards were designed by yours truly

This photo is of my Gorilla Glue grow from last year. This was one of my first grow deep dreams I did and created an overlay. I have had other decks made of this design and have had friends steal them. That I have to keep this design put up or they walk away. It is flattering but damn I got some lame ass friends that they didn't just ask I would have gave them the deck as I have a few deck of cards.

So put your entries in the comments below

And get your chance to win. Winner has 7 days to message me their mailing address in discord. Instructions on claiming your prize will be in the winner announcement post on May 28th between 9 and 10 pm EDT. Anyone on my mute list is also on my blacklist and is disqualified from this and all my future giveaways and contests. It takes a lot to get on that list and very few people are actually on it.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring for the moment. Can't wait to say puff, puff, pass again. Stay safe, stay healthy and remember don't trust your government they are not telling you the truth.



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Bout to go take a few night time dabs out of my huni badger(which is absolutly amazing and i love it💚💚💚) of this cronuts crumble 😁 81% thca. Very heady high, sweet dreams tonight lol 😀😁😗💨
Also if i win give it to someone else cuz im not giving out my address, love you but nope. Lol beautiful cards though 😉


note received if you win I will redraw


And yes i know the glass is dirty, everybody bought all the damn iso alcohol so i gotta get some everclear soon 😐😑😒


lol no judgement here my rig needs cleaned too

Mountain Jam

I find this one to be very euphoric and energetic for a Indica dominant. Still fairly heady though not a sit and relax type of bud.


Nice looks tasty.

I’ll take a nice shot I when I get home 👌

That's some great strains