Freebie Friday contest week 2 and last weeks winner

6 months ago

This week's Friday Freebie is a set of coasters

Keep your wood surfaces safe with these unique coasters while promoting your favorite blockchain.


How to win this week's Freebie Friday
Comment below " I want a Freebie Friday"
You will be assigned a number and next Friday I will draw a winner. Easy Peasy to enter and easy to win. No cost to you as I even pay for the shipping. Winner has 7 days from the day of the drawing to claim their prize or their prize will be awarded to someone else. You don't have to resmoke, upsmoke or follow but if you do those thing it would be totally awesome.

Last week's winner is @relaylogix

You have 7 days to message me your mailing address on discord I am tecnosgirl#7681 over there. To refresh everyone's memory @relaylogix has won a puzzle.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Yay!!! Looking forward to putting it together!
Thank you @tecnosgirl


I have it packaged and ready to go, going to try to get to the post office tomorrow before they close, but it maybe Monday Tuesday as Monday is a holiday before I get to the post office to get it mailed.


No rush! Your items make it here in like 5 days.

I’d love a freebie Friday! But I’ll omit myself this week as I won the last. Although those coasters are flame!

I want them.. This week I will join AS they are some sick coasters..


What's the magic words lol


Lol o yeah " I wanna freebie friday"


Okay then you have been assigned number 1 good luck lol

I want them but I want to let others win since you are already sending me some things!


Nearly all the active users have at one time or another.

I want a freebie frieday!!!

I really like how those turned out! The green border is gr8!


You have been assigned number 2 good luck


Thank you! I was thinking this time if my number gets drawn, I would like to pass it along to @davedickeyyall just because of his love of coffee!!!! I mean every cup o joe needs a coaster, right?!

I want a freebie friday

Those came out really nice!


You have been assigned number 3 good luck

" I want a Freebie Friday"

And congratulations to @relaylogix


you have been assigned number 4 good luck