Elements the Papers I normally roll with: What are you rolling with contest

3 months ago

So @jackdub and @cryptosmokers have teamed up to bring us a contest

The contest is about rolling papers and what kind of papers you use to roll. You can find out all the details here. I have decided to enter because I am always hosting contests and it is about time I enter one. So here is my post for the What you are Rolling with contest.


I like Elements for a few reasons. The first and foremost reason I love rolling with Elements is they are very thin, you can see through them when you hold them up. They are made from the same makers of RAW papers, which incidentally are my second favorite paper. But this isn't about the RAW this is about Elements. The second reason I love them is the glue is not heavy. It does take some getting use to when wetting the glue as you don't want it too wet. Unlike using a zig zag or other heavy glue papers where more wetness is good, with elements more wetness on the glue will ruin the paper. The third reason I love these is you can buy them in packs of 300 papers they also sell them in 500 packs but they are hard to find locally in the 500 pack. I only smoke 4 or 5 joints a week so a pack of these papers last me about year. When your rolling papers for the entire year costs you less than $5 I think that is a score. Though to be real I smoke mainly bowls.



Twisting up some locally grown Gelato

So I decided to pull out a bud of some locally grown Gelato it is pretty dank and it burns better in a bowl than a joint. It is full of gooey resin that makes a joint go out over and over again as you burn it. But the buzz, taste and smell is some of the best I have had lately. But you get that with freshness.


So I got my 20 year old grinder out

Pulled some cannabis off the bud and put it in the grinder to get it ready to twist up. I love my grinder. When it gets dirty I put it in the freezer for about 20 to 30 minutes and tap the pieces together to clean it, keeps it looking pretty new.





So once I had it broken up

It was ready to twist up. It has been a while since I have rolled a joint with one hand. I did lose some of it as I was twisting it up back on the tray, but it has been over 20 years since I have twisted up a joint one handed so I think I did pretty good. You all can let me know what you think of the finished product.








I don't use filters

I use the tuck over method as I like having roaches. For one it gives me roaches for Sunday Sacraments but two it gives me an emergency stash of medicine for when the black market is dry. Yep it happens sometimes where we are dry and having to wait a day or two on my medicine is something I can't risk. The tuck method keeps little cannabis pieces from getting in your mouth, doing what a filter does but leaving the best 10% of the joint for later.



The last thing to do is fire up this doobie

What better way to smoke it than while scrolling on smoke.io.? So that is what I did



Information about Gelato

Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. It is great if you want to relax and be creative. It works okay on pain, but I have had better strains for pain relief I would give it a 6 for pain relief effects, It relieves stress great so I would give it a 9 for stress relieve. a 10 for the look and taste because both are on point. The flavor has a sweet, earthy citrus flavor about it and does the smell. Not a strain to carry with you if you are in an illegal state as the raw smell is smelly smelly smelly...

Till next time stoners

It is 420 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Mmmmm Gelato 🤤. Nice looking doobie for the contest @tecnosgirl!


Thanks figured I should get into some of the fun.

Great entry. Looks nice, fat and packed, if we take into consideration it was rolled with one hand, it might be characterised as amazing

These papers must be classic, they're all over the smoke. Didn't know about 500 pack, now that's a lot of papers. Do you have any idea how much is there grams per m² of paper?


I would guess between a half gram to a gram of cannabis is what I rolled. I didn't weigh it but that bud I did weigh and it weighed 4.7 grams.


We ment the thickness of the paper. It is usually measured in grams per m².


LOL oops I don't know it doesn't state it on the box. But I have to put a stack of 10 them on the scales for it to even register 0.1 grams so I am assuming not much


By the looks of them i'm guessing 12g per square meter.


This is a new concept for me I never cared

That was quick - thanks for the entry :) I've heard and seen these element papers a few times, but not up close like this. They look like some nice rice papers, and a 300 pack too - makes me wonder what percentage of the world's rolling paper comes from Alcoy Spain, they're paper is everywhere. That's my only complaint about tips too - no roaches :( I'll have to watch for Gelato, i'm most curious about the smell :)

@technosgirl you are pretty active on here. Ever thought of doing a book with a bunch of the best articles from smoke.io? I know you did a NugPorn book recently. Are you available on discord?


I am available on discord just not at the moment a truck hit my power pole across the street and it is the one that of course provides power to my house we just built last year and was charged nearly $4000 for the installation of said pole. Woke up to no power and emergency vehicles. Thankfully I have a phone but I don't have discorded downloaded to my phone. I think we maybe the only house out on this road too because we are the only house on that transformer.


I just realized if you are trying to find me on discord and can't you might be spelling my name wrong as there is no h in there. It is a common misspelling.

I like the Kingsize Elements as well and until this post I didn't know they did 300 x 11/4 singles, just like RAW (which is what I use). I really like that there are no chemicals and didn't know they were made by RAW, but I like it and might try getting some of the El.300s.

Regarding your one-handed doob - ACE! Dunno if I've ever attempted such a feat :)

Dunno if you saw HOW TO Clean Your Grinder – Don't waste, have a milky haze! which might be of interest.


I missed that one never tried that might the time after next time I clean mine I am a fan of the frozen method though as it works just as good. Next time mine builds up some I am gonna document the frozen method.


Good idea to make a post out of it. I used to freeze my grinder to get finer and finer scrapings at a time when I had nothing else :)

Nice, I never even knew about rice papers! Can’t wait to try some!