Congratulations @offgrid you have won the New Year's Eve Hidden Contest

6 months ago

Yep there was a hidden contest

I dropped hints on other posts about the contest but only two of you stoners entered to win, though previous winners of this item was not allowed to enter as I am limiting this prize to one per user. To get them out to as many users as possible. But they are costly to ship so I am only giving one away a month. I may or may not announce the contest officially and am considering keeping it a hidden contest prize to reward loyal readers and not just the ones that only come by during contest times.

Congratulations @offgrid

You are the most recent winner. Check your wallet 4.20 has been sent to you. You have 7 days to message me your mailing address to claim your prize. You can reach me on Discord I am tecnosgirl#7681 if you don't find me, check the spelling there is no h in my screen name. If you fail to claim your prize with-in 7 days I will award it to another smoker.


If you missed out on this hidden contest

You can still enter to win other swag items. I currently have two contest live for some smoke swag. You can enter to win a smoke bottle opener or a smoke keyring. Easy to enter and easy to win. I don't ask much.

Till next time stoners

It is 4;20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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Awesome. Thanks so much... I’ll message you on Discord....

Congratulations @offgrid!!!! There are plenty of activities to keep you laughing in that book☺


@offgrid congradulations my friend.

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Have no clue what that is and this isn't cool you shouldn't comment off topic and if you are going to you should make a relevant comment first. And I know how to swap steem it is called an exchange....