Another Pandemic Don't lose your Mind contest

4 months ago

The contest is still open for the 1st Pandemic Don't lose your Mind contest

There has not been a winner yet, so if you like Crossword puzzles you might want to check out the contest here winner will win a cool keyring with their username engraved in it. Might as well waste some time doing a crossword as most of the world is on lock down, it will help pass the time while keeping your mind active, along with maybe even introducing you to other users that you might not know of.

Today's contest

So me what you are smoking on, that is it, put a photo in the comments and fill the comments below with some beautiful Nugporn, tell me what strain it is if you know. I will pick someone at random to win a customized keyring with their user name on it. That is all you have to do to win today's contest, another way I am trying to keep users engaged so they don't lose their minds during this lockdown.

This strain is Game Changer, this is the strain I am smoking on today.

So get your entries in

Then go to the other contest and hurry up and get your answers posted, as that one is who ever gets the correct answer first wins. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass. I have suspended the Roach Sunday contest till further notice, I will bring it back but only after I get some other projects completed.



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Smoking some Shark tonight


You have been assigned number 1

ahhh this time has been proving to be more complicated for me LOL takes longer to get anything done trying to be careful not to spread germs everywhere I go SMH

anyways still smoking on the Wedding Cake and Blue Lime Pie

IMG_2399 (2).jpg

I will try print out the cross word so I can take it to work 😉


you have been assigned number 2


excellent 👌

Oh wow, that's an absolutely choice looking bud of that Game Changer! I bet it was incredible!


the whole batch has been so far, but I am trying not to smoke too much of it at once as I have some fire strains but I love the taste of this.