Another Pandemic Don't lose your mind contest: How many Anagrams can you find

2 months ago

It is time for another Pandemic Don't lose your mind contest

Today's game is an Anagram game. An Anagram is a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, formed from iceman. So today I want you to take the word


and rearrange the letters to spell as many Anagrams you can, every entry will receive an 100% upsmoke. The person who spells the most Anagrams will also win 420 smoke. Yep you read that right 420 smoke. Not 4.20 not 42 but 420 smoke dollars. If more than one person tie I will assign numbers and randomly draw a winner to break the tie.

So get your thinking caps out

How many words /phrases can you get out of the word Cannabis. Put your answers in the comments below and get your chance to win. If you guys like this contest we might do another one in the future. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit, we are in a pandemic, don't be going and spreading your germs sharing joints and or bowls. Everyone should be smoking their own. We are even practicing that here at home, everyone is smoking on their own bowls or doobies. I even have the Possible Corona exposed roaches in a separate container, if we don't get sick we will smoke them but if we do get sick we will flush them or smoke them while we are still sick, hopefully we don't get sick. As both my husband and son have essential jobs my husband works for a major food processing company and my son works at a grocery store. So our house is high risk.


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naan (bread)



Congratulations you won I have sent your smoke to your wallet