Another Pandemic Don't Lose your mind contest and last Sunday's Winner

2 months ago

Last Sunday instead of a Roach Sunday Contest I held Another Pandemic Don't Lose your Mind Contest

I asked for a photo of what you were smoking and a few of you obliged and one you won. @libbtzer has won a customized keyring. I will be adding @libbtzer user name to the this key ring and he will have the first of many one of a kind smoke swag.

smoke keyring.jpeg

This week I am hosting Another Pandemic Don't lose your mind contest

This week I want the same thing as last week I want to see what you are smoking on. So show me what you are smoking on, that is it, put a photo in the comments and fill the comments below with some beautiful Nugporn, tell me what strain it is if you know. I will pick someone at random to win a customized keyring with their user name on it. That is all you have to do to win today's contest, another way I am trying to keep users engaged so they don't lose their minds during this lockdown. Winner will get some random swag I have if they have already won a keyring.

Today I am smoking on some purple trainwreck

So get your entries in

Then go to the other contest and hurry up and get your answers posted, for my other Don't lose your mind contests. One even has a prize of 420 smoke, so Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff, bogart that shit we are in a pandemic don't share joints and or bowls smoke your own. I have suspended the Roach Sunday contest till further notice, I will bring it back but only after I get some other projects completed.



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I got some blue dream for the day. Purple train wreck is a great strain.


You have been assigned number 1 good luck



chillin with some purple chemdawg


You have been assigned number 2 good luck

Wicked! Thanks


I should have it done either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest and in the mail. I do have some things to do tomorrow but I don't think they will take all day.


No rush


things went sideways here at my house, my husband got sick and I lost focus, I am sorry for the delay I promise to get your prize done and out to you soon, but please be patient with me