A reminder you only have 9 days left to enter the Ultimate 4/20 contest

last year

As promised here is a reminder post about the Ultimate 4/20 contest

This is the biggest contest that I will host each year on smoke.io as 4/20 is the stoner holiday. For those new to Cannabis 4/20 is like Christmas to a stoner. There are rally's for legalization that happens, smoke out in public parks and all kind of things many don't do any other day of the year. In my state there is a rally to go smoke "Hemp" What pussies go smoke some cannabis on the governors mansion's lawn.

So far we have low entries for this contest

Which I am assuming means you all are just working hard on this contest since the grand prize is worth $420 and you are trying to make sure it is perfect. Which is cool but don't wait too much long you only have 9 days left to enter to win. You must link your entry to the Original Announcement post which can be found here


How to enter

Below is the rules on how to enter, please follow all steps or your entry will not count.

1 Write an essay or video post (as some users like to make videos instead of writing and I enjoy them) of how you found smoke, why you joined, and what do you hope to get out of smoke in the long run? (Post the link here ---https://smoke.io/contest/@tecnosgirl/the-ultimate-4-20-contest-grand-prize-is-worth-usd420-usd)
2 Add a photo of the cannabis or concentrates you are currently smoking on in the post and tell us what it is if you know, if you don't know that is okay too, just say so.
3 Link this contest in your contest entry post
4 Tag your post #Ultimatecontest
5 Link your post in the comments on the Original post, just in case you misspell the tag, it happens people you don’t want us to miss your entry because you misspelled the tag.
6 You must resmoke this post or the Original--the OG post can no longer be resmoked (I normally don’t require that but this is a huge prize and I want a huge turn out for the contest, make it hard for me and the other two judges to judge this contest we will verify that the winner we picked resmoked the contest)

The fine print

You must cover all areas for your entry to count.Follow the rules so your entry counts, to make it fair I will disqualify those who do not cover all the areas and follow the instructions, the only exception is a misspelled tag. The other judges and I will not tell you if you missed something so read carefully. Winners will have 7 days to claim their prize or I will award their prize to another smoke.io user.
Judges are not eligible to enter, the judges are myself, @gr8fulmag420 and @jackdub. A special thanks to @prettynicevideos for her donation of 250 smoke for this contest and @jackdub for his 420 smoke donation without generous supporters contests like these would not be possible.

Entry Period

The entry period is 19 days for this contest. As it is so large I want to make sure everyone who wants a chance at this Ultimate 4/20 prize has time to enter. The retail value for this basket is $420 USD with the included smoke at the time of this post (value of prize could go up or down depending on the price of smoke) I am not going to say what we are looking for as we don’t know what we are looking for yet in answers as this is the first ever contest of this kind. Entry period is from April 1st to April 19th. Entries are due by noon EST on April 19th any entries submitted after that time is ineligible as the judges and I need time to read through them all and award the winners.

The Announcement of the winners

The winners will be announced live on the Canna-Currate GHRO radio show on 4/20 at 4:20 EST (see the theme here) Post announcement announcing the winners will go live around the same time. If you want to hear who wins instead of reading it you will be able to listen to it live here

Till Next time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff Puff Pass




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I will be joining it for sure