A puzzle for a puzzle

2 months ago

Today I thought it would be fun to do something different

I decided after looking around smoke-indica.com to make a crossword puzzle. Download it complete it, and re-up load it into the comments below and you will be given a number and one week from today I will draw a number and one lucky winner will win this 250 piece smoke.io Grow, Smoke, Repeat puzzle. So you do a puzzle you could win a puzzle. Winner will have 7 days to message me on discord with their address I am the Queenofsmoke#7681


If you need help with the crossword puzzle

Go to smoke-indica.com look at the title of the puzzle and if you need more clues than that I am sorry cause that is all you get. The puzzle should be fairly easy but I don't want it to be so easy that you don't have to do a little homework.

smoke crossword.PNG

You may also just write down your answers that line up with the numbers

If you don't want to download the crossword puzzle but regardless of which method you use to enter your have to put your answers in the comments below to qualify to win. But don't worry everyone who correctly fills in the blanks will get 100% upsmoke from me so everyone wins even if they don't win the puzzle. So get your research on, and get those answers in. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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How cool!!
I see a few i recognize!


I hope you recognize at least two of the answers right away lol

What a nice and fun idea! Love the prize! I will try to participate 😍


I am hoping it helps foster more interactions.

Good thing I just familiarized myself with that list 😁

Hey @Indica can you complete it without cheating?


It is pretty easy even if you don't know the answers if you go to the site you can find them


hmmm seems like I may end up being the only one to enter....


So far no of you slackers has entered. Only a few hours left.


I could have answered but I was being a stubborn ass and wanted to print it out and do it properly 😅


Printer was being a dink