Weed Meme Contest 1

8 months ago

In my early days on steemit I did a lot of giveaways and contests, it worked out quite well for everyone involved so I think I'll go that route again!

This contest will start out with two categories, shared and original memes. Part of meme culture is sharing an already created meme and I plan on embracing that here along with new original content! Each category will have it's own prize with increasing weight going to original content created specifically for the contest and the chain!

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Weed Meme Contest Rules

Find or make me your best Weed Meme!

Shared or original memes accepted! Only one entry per type.

Contest Closes 48 hours from when this was posted.

Enter by posting your meme in the comments section.

2 Smoke prize for shared memes.

5 Smoke prize for the original category.

Source your shared memes!

Runner Ups could receive votes or smoke power prizes!

Judged by me @taskmanager.

Upsmoke and resmoke NOT required but is encouraged!

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You are not required to make a full Weed Meme Contest post to enter, but you are encouraged to do so using #weedmemecontest.

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