Joint Rolling Contest Winners

last year

Sorry for the delay in this post, had internet issues. I was able to send out the prizes via my cell phone at contest close. Apparently getting high and forgetting to pay the internet means they might shut it off.

I was very pleased to see the response to the #jointcontest, and decided to increase the prize given out. Picking a winner was a difficult task, as there were plenty of quality entries to chose from. Even the honorable mentions were just as good as the winners.

1st Place - 75 SMOKE

@psyceratopsb - Perfectly rolled Joint, the Dutch way. Self-destruction Smoke Session


A very well rolled joint using a rolling method new to me. The clip showing the flag burning inched this into the top spot.

2nd Place - 50 SMOKE

@jackdub - Old Lemon Skunk & Super Sonic Buds Twisted in a Extra Fine GIZEH Pure Organic Hemp Paper - #jointcontest


As usual @jackdub took the quality of posting to the next level. Quality photos and a quality blend of weeds to create a great looking joint.

3rd Place - 25 Smoke

@libbzter - 2.2 g #jointcontest entry


This giant 2.2g cannon was the joint that lasted forever (I'm sure it's fully smoked by now). Great presentation with follow ups showing us how well it burned.

Honorable Mentions - 4.20 Smoke

@mjgeeks - Getting back into the Joint game with the #jointcontest

@canada - Joint Rolling Contest - Classic Joints

I think I will do this again in the future, only maybe with a different structure, maybe next time I'll ask for a specific joint type or something. Overall I am very pleased with the responses and contestants.

(All photos in this post belong to their respective owners linked above)

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Woot! Thanks!!


You did a very good job, third place was a literal coin toss between you and the other fella because I couldn't decide.

Was a pleasure to be a part. Not to mention winning it...
Thank you!


Thank you for participating, and showing me something new. You made it impossible to argue with your chosen title of perfectly rolled joint!


It did turn out to be like that, not that I brag. Most of the times you can see some clumps, especially when rolled inside out, but not this time.

Thanks for the contest , congrats to all the winners and awesome work to anyone that joined.