Joint Rolling Contest - 100+ Smoke In Prizes!

last year

Come one, come all, for the 1st (hopefully of many) joint rolling contest. There are two main categories, classic joints, and smokable creations.

Under Classic Joints we have your standard joints, bats, cones and blunts. Smokable Creations is where we would find your tulips, crosses, Ts, braided, and anything else you can think of.




  • You must roll it yourself. (NO ROLLING MACHINES!)
  • Roll a new joint, don't use old photos of previous creations.
  • At least one photo of the finished joint must include the date on paper.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person.
  • Include brand and type of papers or leaf used.
  • (Optional) Include a photo showing how it burns.
  • If you make your own post, you must include #jointcontest.
  • If you make your own #jointcontest post, add a link to it in the comments below.
  • Contest closes at this posts payout.


Best Classic Joint - 50 Smoke

Best Smokable Creation - 50 Smoke

Runner Ups may receive a consolation prize of 4.20 Smoke each!


Classic joint rolled with a zig-zag white.


Here's an exaple of a smokable creation I found here



Entries will be judged on looks, presentation, somkability, and filter design. Size and the amount of weed used is not considered. Showing step by step is not required for smokable creations, but it will earn you points towards winning.

Winners and runner ups will be announced in a separate post.

Good Luck Everyone!

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Definitely in for this! I just have to remember lol


Remembering is usually the hardest part, but if you miss it, hopefully there will be more of these to show off your rolling skills.

Seems like will have to come out and go to a mall to get long rolling papers. May need a runner for that lol.


Do it up.

If I want any good papers I have to buy them online and wait on shipping, I miss the days when I could just go the the mall and get a flavored paper. It's a little odd that here in Canada, weed is legal but my province banned all flavored papers.


That’s probably stupidest I’ve heard. Canada, eh.

Here in the Philippines long smoking papers are one snitch away from some years inside with Duterte’s war on drugs. They miraculously disappeared after his election from +90% of outlets who sold them.

None of the local online marketplaces have any which doesn’t involve a trip to customs office at the post. Who always ask to open packages. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

"So let's get to the point, let's roll another joint"
My Entry: Joint Rolling Contest - Classic Joints

wow! This christmas tree joint! That is really smokeable? Have you ever tried something like that? Seems like you would need to have a real strong drag for those …

Great contest! Thanks a lot for the opportunity!


I've rolled ones like it that were smokable, but getting the lengths of the branches right with the height of the tree is difficult. If the branches don't burn at the right rate they might burn in too quick and start a bad run in the joint. Uniform tightness in the roll is also important, or things will burn all wonky and you will end up with a big, funny looking roach.


:D Iam impressed. On the other hand, joints are like people. I don't care so much about their looks, it's more about what's inside …
but I absoloutely appreciate a fine tight and even doobie!

I can't see your winning post. I saw first prize so I wanted to thank you this way. Hope you will see it. Thanks as well for this contest, it was a pleasure to be a part.


Sorry for the delay, apparently I didn't pay the internet bill in time. The winners announcement can be found here.

Thanks for the contest, this is my standard no tip joint roll up - not a masterpiece, but it smokes lol -