Happy Friday! Highlight a Great Post for 100% Upvote

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2 years ago

Happy Friday Smoke community!  The quality of posts on this site is incredible.

Highlight a great post by replying to this post and add an upvote as well.  I will upvote all listed posts you add as a reply as long as you upvote this post and 1 comment in the comments.

The more uovotes you leave, the more rewards future posts will receive.

Have a great weekend.

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It’s so important to vote for witnesses. It’s often overlooked, but they secure our network. They are our block producers.

Thank you to all smoke witnesses.


Done. Good article. Witnesses are key to this site's success.

Cheers, thanks for the support cheers

Isn't this a covert way of begging for upsmokes?

Yes, it is. It is even taking payment for your upsmokes. Irrelevant of how low or high the upsmokes you receive are.


Its not. I am highlighting quality posts. I dont want it to come off like that, and am not planning on doing this daily. Sorry if it seems like it, no disrespect.


You say "upsmoke this post and I will go upsmoke the post you link".

That is a covert form of taking payment for curation, yes. That is vote selling.


My mistake. I was unaware of this rule. I won't do it again.