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2 years ago

A Delayed 420.

Due to some issues with the supplier we have had to delay the drawing for the 420 contest until now.

We want to thank all of you that entered and have become a part of the Smoke community, and so we are giving away 100 Smoke Power to everyone that entered as well as 420 Smoke Power to those that gained extra referrals for the network!

Smoke Network is more than just a cryptocurrency or tool for cannabis enthusiasts, but a powerful community of like-minded individuals.


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The Winner of the Trump Pipe Is: @krazypoet!!

Entry number 106 was randomly drawn using Gleam.io software. @krazypoet, expect an email today so that we can get your address and send out your prize this week!

Be sure to keep an eye on the #contest page for awesome community contests!

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Nice, Gratz @krazypoet

What about the 10 runner ups?

Thank you for the prize and mention

Yay! Thanks a lot. I will use it wisely. :)
Congratz @krazypoet! Please share with us when you have your first smoke with the emperors!

Congrats to the winner and hoping for more contests!

Thanks for the prize and mention

Congrats to the winner 👍

Thanks :)

Congrats !