Smokebit Rewards. 2019 MV Social Media Influencer Contest, Update #2.....huge news!!!!

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7 months ago

My Good Smokers,

Have I got some news for you👇👇👇

Today's Update

Unless you have been asleep or extremely blazed, you already know that Candi is in a contest to win ManyVids Social Media Influencer of the year for 2019. You're then also aware that I have reached out to the community for support with my ultimate goal to then be able to show to other mainstream platforms, the power that our community can bring to the table, creating interest to be a part of our family.

The Smoke Community continues to come through day in and day out in a huge way

So here it is again if you've been zoning out😉.....


And it's really simple! You will have to start an account of Manyvids to vote, but once you do just follow this link and it will take you straight to the contest entry to vote.

Keep in mind, once you signup and vote, you can vote every day! So if you're really feeling supportive, check back every day until Jan. 19th - which is when voting ends.

Since initially posting 2 days ago she jumped up 3 spots, from 10th place to 7th, yesterday, then dropped back to 8th place for a spell before climbing back into 7th for the majority of the day today. However, just a few moments ago, she sprung into the highly coveted 5th place, which is the target place to get into round 2. This is the position that everyone else will be gunning for to lock up advancing to the next round which is just under 6 days away. So no time to rest on our is the time to Smoke the competition!!! You have one free vote per day, so please be sure to go back each day up until then!

All are free to use this pic for promo if you wish, also😉

So here's the master plan. If you post a screenshot of your vote in the comments, along with your bts address, I'll give it a smaller vote, as well as 5 Smokebits. There's an option to tweet your vote after as well, so if you comment the link to your tweet, and once again, your bts address, I'll give that one a small upvote too, as well as another 5 Smokebits. This can qualify you for daily rewards of up to 10 Smokebits plus smaller comment votes. Here is an example of what we will need to see, going forward, to qualify for rewards:

-Proof of vote

-Optional Twitter link

There is also a paid vote option, and if you're interested in that route, please contact me and she can provide you with some great deals on content in exchange.

Please note, that the voting page is an adult website, just in case you're not familiar with what ManyVids is

Thanks for all the support so far as well as your continued support going forward. This community is amazing and I'm looking forward to showing everyone what we are capable of. The love around these here parts is off the hook❤

If you want to go straight to the voting page, you can do so here:


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Wow!! glad she is now on the 5th spot.... Have made my vote for today, fams let's keep our smokey supports coming.


It took a lot of work to get to 5 and I'm sure itll take a lot more to keep her there for 6 days but we have the best community behind her. Thank for the support😤

Sounds like this is the time to start cycling those different VPN locations and make use of all those gmail accounts collected over the years. :D



Good news! I am voting every day.


Thanks for the support!!!

I did remember to vote today but forgot to take the screen shot, hopefully this suffices...if not no biggie.

bts: t0ker


No worries, i can see that you did. Sending today😤

Voted and Tweeted again.... BTS: Offgrid-life ... still #5

Let's go Candi! Moving up the rankings!

I just made my vote now...commented on your previous post


Respect 😤

I see Candi is a finalist! How awesome is that. Still went ahead and got the vote in today!
bts: t0ker


Great news isnt it? She's currently in 1st place with just over 2 days left to vote. Smokebits on the way😤

The Vote of today !


Bts address? Ill send you smokebits😤 Appreciate the help!!!!!


Oh! It's true I forgot to put it, sorry!
Bts: soberana1987

Our vote today!
Canditis has reached the 3rd position!
Bts: soberana1987

prueba de voto dia 18.PNG