2019 Cammy Awards 420 Model of the year update

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The purpose of the initiatives that I run is for exposure outside of the Smoke community, not necessarily for any single person to win a contest. So with eyes on the Smoke community being the goal combined with others interest into what I'm doing for this particular contest, I've decided to switch it up a bit.
With voting ending only 2 days away, this coming Sunday, February 24th, there has been interest from other nominees for the contest, one being @Zhaddiegrey, who also happens to be a Spankchain model who understands the benefits of blockchain.

Check out 🍑Princess Peach🍑 (@ZhaddieGrey): https://twitter.com/ZhaddieGrey?s=09

The final days of a contest are usually when most attention is being paid to nominees and how their competition is performing, this gives us the chance as a community to get our name out there in a big way.

In essence, I'm thinking our approach for these final 3 days should be to cast a vote for any nominee for the 420 model of the year category and when prompted to tweet them, plug Smoke.io , like this:

1.Go to this link:


2.Click on dropdown for 4:20 Model of the year (Photo courtesy of @unnamed)


  1. Select any model from the list. IMPORTANT: Remember who you picked.

  2. Submit vote

  3. After vote is cast, this page pops up and gives the option to let them know you voted:

select the name of the model you voted for to Tweet them.

  1. This is where it will start making sense. We can alter the Tweet to say whatever we want.....so plug away like I did here:


  1. Now just click Tweet to send.

  2. Vote again 4 more times for a total of 5 times each day for the next 3 days.

I will continue to offer 1 Smokebit per vote if all these steps are followed and you provide a link to the tweet with your bts address. Although this isnt everyone's cup of tea, it is a huge market and I'm sure we all want our community to grow.

Most importantly have fun with it and spread the love around. We have a good opportunity to help people and promote at the same time.

Go get em😤

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