Let the Tetra Pak Challenge commence - Day 1 - Post 1

6 months ago

Are you as excited as I am to have this challenge going on.

@jonyoudter and I have talked and thought it would be epic to make this a cross social challenge. with this news, we want to welcome weed cash people to the mix. It doesn't stop at that our aim is to get the tetrapak tag trending across the whole cannabis space. So you will find the tetrapak challenge growing long and wide on all social media from smoke to youtube to cannabis groups on Facebook.

You can see how to make the tetrapak pot in the video below. You will find that you can make this pak any way you want to.

With the challenge going social wide but the rules and prize post being posted on smoke you will benefit greatly from jumping on over and signing up to smoke network.

In the last post, we announced that the prizes would be weekly for each category but we have changed that around ALOT and the new prizes are going to be HUGE prizes in 3 months' time.

Who knows how the prizes will be given out but I am adding in a 5 pack from trinity genetics for the main winner across all media places. The second change that will be added is the weekly prizes will not happen but be added to the 4200 smoke and x weedcash that is being put up by @jonyourdyer and @d00ki3, with unnamed and putting up another 420 smoke it is a total of 4620. I am matching that to make it a total of 9440 with a guaranteed prize of 4200 smoke going to the main winner.

The third prize change is the 420 weedcash that will be given out to the winner as well. Jon will have a prize in weedcash as well.

On top of these prizes, I am also offering everyone 1 Blurt per person to account for posting your post and links to smoke on your blog.

You can claim the 1 Blurt by DMing me in discord.
The blurt chain takes fees to post so I am happy to help with fees to start you get started to post you smoke links and posts to blurt.

Total Prizes:

  1. 4200 smoke winner
  2. 5 pack trinity genetics
  3. 420 weedcash + winner
  4. 4620 smoke split between other account that entries.

The prizes will only be won by someone who has a smoke account. The plan for this is to get tetrapak trending and people to see it was started on the smoke network by members of canna-curate.

Rules and format to Post:
1st: Can be any grow that you have ongoing. Within the 3 category's (Regular seed, Autoflower, Clone)

2nd: You must have 2 or more photos per post.

3rd: Has to have 100+ Words for each Weekly Post.

4th: You have to Use #weeklygrowlog & #tetrapak as tags at bottom of post

5th: Add Your strain + Category type in the title

6th: Use this standard format for the top of the post
nutes type: liquid / Living soil

The original plan was to have categories per type of grow but to up interaction, I think having just the #tetrapak challenge trending is a great start.

If you are reading this over on the weedcash network I encourage you to sign up for smoke network to be eligible for the smoke prizes. If you are reading this on other social platforms I encourage you to sign up to smoke and all other social rewarding platforms and share your cannabis content today.

#tetrapak #weeklygrowlog

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I’ll put up 420 Smoke for the winner.