420poetry with prompt: "Lit that" by @d00k13 a.k.a. @onelovesmoke__Hear me ye people...Let us lit that bong!

last year

Lit that bong!

Things go wrong when you don't belong
Though I wanted so much to lit that match
Quench this longing, lit that bong and end with a bang!
To lit that elite cannabis is a simple wish to feel that soothing relish,
releasing this anguished feeling.

My heart is pounding with urge to lit that purple hue of sativa and indica
I need darkness to lit that fire, free from scrutinizing eyes
It's time to open your minds people! Hear our woes!
Listen to our cries, stop our miseries

Heal our sickness, lit that fire
Let the smoke break the aching pains deep within
Muscle spasms are so agonizing, let us lit that smoke, free from remorse
We seek with bended knees
Ease our pains!

Make me lit that wonder leaf
To feel the relief
Is it so hard to understand what we stand for?
Hear me ye people! Let us lit that bong!

Thank you @d00k13 a.k.a. @onelovesmoke for promoting this contest.

Likewise, thanks to @chipanda for letting us borrow this work of art.

Good day Smokers! More puffs to you all!

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#420poetry #cannabis #freewrite


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Am thanking everyone for the upvotes. I hope others will also notice my efforts.


You certainly will not be overlooked 😉

that's awesome I never expected you to post it immediately because we were busy chatting, lol!
best of luck to you @sarimanok.
smoke on!


Yeah, It just came into my mind too. Will dig more later as well. Thanks for coming over boss!

Wow! I feel what you feel , your longing is also my longing. Someday ,one day we smoke together when im home we lit it until our pain will gone.
Hey! @dOOk13 , happy new year! From olivia.


Yes my dear @lawlai. Quench our thirst and get healed. That's the main reason of it all. Someday we can do it without the fear of getting caught.

Good stuff and nicely written @sarimanok... more of these to come soon, eh!?


Coming from you @indaymers, am sure you're more of the expert on this aspect. Lol!

the medicinal uses for cannabis are endless. well written thank you for participating :-)


YW! Indeed, there's a lot and I will make my own CBD oil soon.....

Thank you for participating my friend, well done 👍 Definitely get the sense of your longing cannabis and fear of consequences 👍

Having grown up in Canada with society having a general blind eye towards cannabis consumption I find it so hard to believe places in the world would incarnate you for it 🤯 seriously only larger dealers around here have anything to worry about unless the particular person is wanting to cause trouble for you... I do hope you found a place away from the prying eyes 👀

PS my buddy Brett will be doing some engagements through @onelovesmoke 🤞 trying to get him to take up the helm!


Thanks for the appreciation @d00k13! I will be writing more when something sparks in my mind again. Those are my honest thoughts when there are no prohibitions as to the legalization of medical marijuana. I have every intention to make my own experiments in creating herbal liniments using cannabis. Well, for now am trying to familiarize the anatomy of the cannabis plant. It's unique. Looking forward to your friend's showcase. More puffs to you!


Same here my friend... I write as it comes to me 👌

All the best to your Cannabis Journey ✌


Thank you. Actually, I downloaded that Grow_Bible_2019 by Robert Bergman .for reference.


That’s a good one.. got an older hard copy kicking around here somewhere 👌