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8 months ago

@saladbowlgrower has won the weight contest. The final weight was taken at the time of last weeks post.

1297.9 grams

I’ll be puffing joints all next year!

That’s a lot of personal grass!

Jon guessed 1344g


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Congratulations to the winner :)

Wowowow!!! So good to see those
Nugs! Really amazing. You've grown the weed perfectly! Congratulations and Cheers!!!


Definetely agree 😊💚

All set for 2021✌️


yeah 😁💚

Congratulations to @saladbowlgrower!


Super 🤩

I will post the scale shots tomorrow!


Awesome 😊

Wow.. That's a crazy amount man.. Nice work! 😮

Good stock!

Wow. That’s awesome. Congratulations to the Winner. I guessed way too low.


Yes, me too! 😅

Right on! Thanks for the opportunity. A shame you had to chop early, but better safe then sorry.


Yes, i agree 😊

How're you gonna puff joints in prison tho? :-)
Oh yea, I guess even there ppl can smuggle things in! Good luck trading your butthole for joints! ;-)

Are you going to make any concentrates with this or smoking it all over the year?


Enough for 1 year.

that would keep me going for, maybe a couple of weeks? :D


ahaha, me too 😅💚