RoachSunday [ A Closer Look ]

11 months ago

If you are a frequent smoker here on you know all about #RoachSunday. If you are new to the community, first of all Welcome!, let me give an up close look into this community tradition.

As an early member of the Smoke.Network, user #1452, I can say I have seen my share of content roaming around smoke. Some short time comers, some long time stayers, even the earliest members, content always seems to evolve with what ever is trendy. I notice a great post by any member, new or old, then its everywhere.(ie. 'My Digital Designs/Design/Promotional) I take this with a grain of salt as social media that pays will always lure in non-content related people just trying to earn that fast currency. However, it is an absolute turn off to me as a cannabis enthusiast that is on this platform to socially communicate about cannabis. New growing techniques, interesting science, great honest reviews of cannabis products by other cannabis users not commercially organized to sell more grass. This is what brought me to the Smoke.Network.

Now this is NOT a bash Smoke post, not at all! Here is where I explain why after all this time Smoke user#1452 is still smokin!

I am still frequenting this platform on a habitual scale, #RoachSunday, I haven't missed many since my introduction. I haven't made them all, but I can assure you even on the few I missed, I thought about the fact I wasn't posting. RoachSunday is not my only draw here but I can say I make it a point to be apart of it when I can and that opportunity is scheduled weekly.

So I previously won the RoachSunday contest and this post was intended to thank @tecnosgirl for the traditional generosity she undertakes in the name of I can not name 1 other smoker here that has spread Smokes name to the masses more than @tecnosgirl. Her merchandise featuring the Smoke logo and so many other items carrying the Smoke name has been spread GLOBALLY, by 1 individual smoker. We all should show some appreciation, if just for the advertising she does for this community we all love so much.

So from all us smokers THANKS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!

Now what the hell did I win???

Let me pour a cup!


That's right, I received a really pimpin' coffee mug! Even though its after 9PM I am still sucking out the coffee. Oh, what's that? What's in the baggies that were so cleverly impregnating that wonderful RoachSunday mug? Well...Let's take a closer look!

Wonder Bag #1 Passion Glue

These are special seeds @tecnosgirl created. Can't wait to sow these! Here are some close ups...

IMG_3414.jpg     IMG_3415.jpgIMG_3416.jpg

Wonder Bag #2 Gorilla Glue #4


The main event, we have been trying to get these beauties in my hands for months. It has finally transpired. A grateful thanks from me and a fellow grower local like. Let's get in there on these ones too...


Wonder Bag #3 Gorilla Cookies!


I'm just ecstatic about these. Cookies, Glue, how could it not be awesome? Check 'em out!


I'll wrap this up with, This network has wonderful potential, I am truly happy to be a part of this community and plan on being here for long to come because of other users contributions such as @tecnosgirl's contests, @rawpride's diagnosis of the market, @jackdub's reviews, @davedickeyyall's morning bowl, and so much other frequently posted great content by great contributors!

Until next time, toe, toe, toke it up! And don't miss RoachSunday



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I was hoping it was all gonna arrive intact.


A quiet thank you


Oh and I meant of the plants when you grow those seeds out in the photos. LOL but beautiful seed shots.

I guess I've never looked that close at seeds before because these look super cool to me!


The last one sure looks like a turtle shell from Mario!

Hey @relaylogix! Hope you're doing well fellow Smoker. I noticed something that might help improve your content rewards.

1. Posts often look boring without an image to display. Boring looking posts usually get much less user engagement. Try adding a high quality image (3.8mb max) to the beginning of your content!

Hoping these tips help you a bit! Stay classy 😎


False negative - Has photos. Has GREAT photos actually. Thank you for being a part of making pipe-cleaner better.


Turn off the bot apparently it doesn't work


Lol, take it back to the sandbox.


Apologies again. Back to the sandbox it's gone. Untill this bot learns every type of combination of html/Markdown/image sourcing it will stay there.

The aim is to improve the overall experience, not annoy awesome content creators.

I'm very sorry if you expected it to be perfect (I wish it was! Wouldn't mind being perfect myself) but one day - with the help and patience of those like you it will be perfect for Smoke.