Macro Photo Contest Entry For Triple Close Up

6 months ago

TripleCloseUp Nugporn Challenge...


@jackdub + @cannaweedness wish I knew the strain...Hope you enjoy the close ups!


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I like how much more vibrant nug colors are with closeups. Nice lookin bud and closeup pics, thanks for the entry :)


Thanks! I too am astonished what lies so many microns down. The possibilities are insane. Great stoner deep thoughts. Fractal dimensions. You can always go closer.

You know the nugs good when it looks good from photo to photo

Beautiful looking nug. In the running

That last one is ridiculous 🤤


By far my best photo I’ve taken!

Sick photos my friend. I don't think I'll ever be able to match them crystals with my hash. Looks like condensation building up.

Awesome entry to the contest! Some beauty Trichomes right there!!

Dam these are some super nice looking up close. It really does do wonders to the colours and the way you can see the trichomes

Wow ... awesome photography. I need to get a macro lens.


Lol...mine was 7$us at Walmart.


Wow.... good deal. Need to go to wal mart today