Crushed Dreams But Many Clouds Of Smoke!

3 months ago


Received a special package today!

My recent winnings from #roachsunday have arrived. Look at this fabulous #smoking utensil. Shows you why it is worth taking a photo and hitting reply here on the Smoke Network!

It was even enclosed in the Gas Relif! She must have known I was smoking on some killer Sunset’s. Late night munchies generally build stomach pressure! Well thought out @tecnosgirl!


So for a side giggle...a certain someone and I have been trying to propegate a GG4 seed strain. I am sorry but they crushed our hopes of germination.

There has been some silliness and honestly I love it! This is why we MUST mobilize to the polls and end this nonsense!

Why can’t you walk down to your towns co-op store and buy cannabis seeds?

Really, I do think this is just right for par and am not upset one bit! Gave me a demonstration point to the community how important your vote is! We need to change these nonsensical laws prohibiting a plant.

Anyways let’s try this really nice pipe out as it made it in one peace! Like I said we’ll season this one with some Sunset Sherbert.


I can’t get enough of this purp in this bud. The flavor is top notch, especially out of this brand new bowl!


This beautiful darling hits as smooth as that glider you seen floating on the clouds. Clouds of smoke that is. It is a tad longer than the last pipe I won on I like the yellow blue and red. The carb just happenes to be located precisely for my grip!

The bowl is probably 0.5g deep, possibly 0.75g. Just the right size in my opinion! Any bigger and your burning coal by the end of the bowl.

Yes, this pipe works; I am high.

Thank you to @tecnosgirl for running the #roachsunday contests. If you haven’t entered yet, check her post out every Sunday @12:00 AM EST.


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Its too bad about the seeds but at least the glass made it in one piece.


Two separate packages. The pipe smokes awesome!


I had that wrapped in bubble wrap in the box in a bubble package.


Definitely well packed! In both instances, the mail carriers failed with the letter!

Wow that sucks they crushed them. I have more GG seeds coming my way soon when they do I will try again but next time I will protect them better. I am floored I sent some to Canada the same way and they arrived safely.


No worries. I do appreciate the effort!