Active Posting Accounts Week 2 Winners

11 days ago

Active Accounts Week 2

Well all you stoners, not sure if it was the fact you are all locked down or what but we gained some new active posting accounts last week! Up from 27 to 31! I know I am now including all comment authors of the main contest posts to be included, but this is a great direction!

I like to see new content daily, it is what makes me check the platform. Well, that and the fact I love cannabis. I really enjoy trying to promote interaction here on Smoke, and seeing traceable results.

Let us keep together as a community through these tough times around the globe, keep posting what is going on in your neighborhood. Let Smoke be an outlet to show what is really going on, no spin, what is happening outside your door?

Well let's fire up this interface and pick some winners!


The main screen has a few more options than last time! Let's generate the names from the active users list of week 2. I run the 2b command 5 times successively to generate winners. Here is the output in order as they were displayed.





Well there you have it! This weeks winners are @grahamsvorten, @lordoftruth, @d00k13, @tecnosgirl, @thefinger.

Previously @tecnosgirl had asked me to pass on her winnings to someone else if her name was drawn. I figure, the #queenofsmokecontests never really wins anything, so congrats @tecnosgirl, if you want to send it off to someone you can!

Payouts sent!


Until next time toe toe toke it up!



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Cool terminal output :)

I could never figure out how to do something like this. It looks like the matrix to me, I can't understand shit of it. :P

Congratulations to @grahamsvorten, @lordoftruth, @d00k13, @tecnosgirl, @thefinger 🙂💚