Active Accounts Contest Week 4 Winners

2 months ago

Well here we are again on a Friday, amidst the global covid dilemma. What better time to be on Smoke posting, inside away from all the disease, if you ask me no time could be better.

I know everyone is blazing a lot more cannabis, in any form you like. We had a few Smoke returners last week. @iah, made another appearance, Welcome back! @ijmmai was back with some wonderful Smoke stats for those of us that care, I personally love those spots! Can you believe it, @rawpride made the actives list. I also want to mention @skylinebuds, as I see he is frequenting the platform a bit more, and has since restarted his witness. Welcome back to the platform you all, Good vibes all around. At least no bad vibes that I can see. Wonder if the Steem/Hive wars have anything to do with the recent pickup of activity from some of the old time Smoke users.

On to this last weeks active posting accounts give away. For those whom are not yet familiar, I am running a contest, to enter all you need to do is make a post sometime within the week. I draw 5 random accounts from the list of active posting accounts using the kief-tools Smoke interface. For those of you non-posting accounts, to make it fair for ALL accounts to enter, if you post a comment on any of my Current Active Accounts posts, you will also be considered an active account.

This week we were actually down on active accounts from 39 to 35. I missed @cannabis's comment post this week, I hope all is well with you! Let's try for 40 this next week! Even if it's just a post of a picture of the joint/bong/bowl your puffing on. I like THC, but CBD qualifies as cannabis content for all of you illegal state dwellers and hemp lovers. Here's this weeks active posting accounts list.


And The Winners Are.




Congradulations @greenleaves, @herbygirl, @razeiv, @artisto, @zpzn you are this weeks #activeaccounts winners. You will be pleased to see the 4.20 SMOKE transferred for this weeks winnings.


Well all you smokers, like I started this post, What better time to be inside posting than now? Get them posts up to qualify for next weeks actives list!

Until next time, toe toe toke it up!!!!!!!!!


Have you checked out kief-tools? It is an open source Smoke interface for the Linux platform. The link will take you to the post on the interface.

Have you voted for your Smoke Network witnesses? All accounts can vote for 30 witnesses free of charge! [][][][][][]VOTE HERE[][][][][][] Please consider voting for @relaylogix with one of your votes. Thank you!


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I have been advertising Smoke like Crazy on Steemit and Hive. It works.... mostly in the Natural Medicine communities ...

Interested ? Come See what’s growing on


Also posted a few times in OCD Community that is run by @acid .... so far no flags.

Come and See what’s growing on

Gardening Community with discussions on hemp and CBD ....


It's good to see my name out there :D


Stay active my friend!

Lots of New people telling me they applied for a account but are waiting for approval.... how long does it take ???


Not sure.