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Hey everybody! I know I haven't been around much these days due to the holidays but I thought I would pop in and make a post about my special delivery! On Friday when I was sitting at home I finally recieved my winnings from @tecnosgirl. It really did not take that long but I have been impatiently waiting on one item in particular! My activity book for the high-minded, and it finally came! Woo hoo! As soon as I seen the size of the package, I knew it had to be the book!



Whenever I have won from @tecnosgirl she always throws in a cool card or cute little letter! Friday I not only got a note but I also got my pipe at the same time! This pipe is so tiny and cute! The detail is pretty amazing! Even though it is small it is mighty and has a huge bowl to get you through those rough times! What a neat little pipe!



Even though the pipe is super cool, I have been dying for this activity book so I had to get started right away! First up was a word search for munchies! Although I don't eat half the things it uses for munchies, this book is still killer! After completing the word search, I took a quick peak at the rest of the book! This book has everything from coloring to search and finds! It even has a “where's Narco?” instead of “where's Waldo?” how awesome is that? Another pretty cool thing it has is D.I.Y. Inaction figures. I think I am going to put them together and possibly do a stop motion video for with them!





A huge thanks is in order for @tecnosgirl and all the awesome prizes and contests she brings to I myself and many others have won some pretty amazing shit from her! So I personally want to send her the biggest shout out! Coolest prizes ever! Thanks again!


Hope everyone is staying high for the holidays! Have a good day!


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I am glad everything has arrived. Though you added an h to my name that isn't there. LOL Everyone does that I swear I should claim that account because of the misspellings lol I hope you have many hours of fun with that book.


The only reason they even went out at the same time is because I got sick but being able to ship it together saved me a couple of dollars in shipping.


Oh darn. Im going to fix that now!! Definately should get that account! 😂 thanks again!

I would love to see a stop motion with those cool characters!!! So many possibilities!! The where's Narco is fun. I thought of maybe doing a contest with that poster! The comic in the white house is my favorite part!!!!


I would be interested in that contest. I have not even started looking for that little narc yet!

One more happy smoker. I got it 3 days ago as well. Have fun, it is really interesting and creative.


It seams to be so cool!

Whoa! I want this .


I have a few more that I will be giving away through contest and giveaways. But they are expensive to ship so I am only do one a month as two went over seas this month and it cost me nearly $40 to ship them out. So I am limiting this prize to one a month, but I have a dozen or so of these books to give out.

That book looks really cool. I have a pipe just like that hahaha


Awesome. I havent tried it out yet but its pretty cool looking.

I love the book
I want it tecnsogirl