Spot "420" Contest [100 SMOKE to grab]

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last year

Good 🌞 day my friends!

My wife works as a store assistant and she is sometimes behind the till. To quote her:

I always look at the amount people spend on shopping. Waiting for that 420.


Yesterday she brought me something home. She said, your friends are going to like it. It made her smile when she saw it and thought of me. When she brought it home it made me smile. It is time for me to pass the smile to you and perhaps reward some of you for your snipper eye.

zelena crta.png

As I haven't been doing some contests for a long time I think I should do one for this Sunday.


I want you to train your eye. Not sure how many of you do try to notice 420 or if it is close when you see numbers. It is like stoners Pi or 314.

This is going to be Casual contest, so there are no rules in particular, just post in comments picture of 420 written somewhere randomly and spotted by you. It can be anywhere, from telephone number, commercial, adverts, receipt, unique screenshot to creative and detailed...

Obviously, they should not written by you, nor should they be from sources like the dictionary and book index.

The point is not to search for it, but to spot it!

I will announce winner/s next Sunday (still not sure if I'll split the prize or give all, it depends on the number of contestants), if there are any. If not, I'll probably add 100 SMOKE more to the prize pool and stack it for next week, until we have a winner.

zelena crta.png

Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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Inquiries about anything are welcome!
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Have a great journey!

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I'll definetly keep my high eye on the lookout.


I know you will. Bet you have loads of them at your workplace

Gonna have to change timezone on my devices now. :P

Since I have 24hrs setting, I barely ever spot 4:20 on my phone but 42% and 31% battery level always tend to catch my attention.


It can work too as well. I remember I used to catch it when I was smoking and then I miss it, in like 1 minute.


On that note, my idle clickers addiction just showed me this one (the second one, the quest progress... first one is persistent).



That was fast...


well, almost …

This is one of my favorite games. I had all these saved in text messages with a friend of mine. They are all in my jeep.





· shouldn't post all, maybe save some for later posts or contests.
Well, I guess now you have to keep an eye again.

Here's my entry ;)


That's a good one...

Yes, that's my type of contest. Thanks for spreading awareness. ;)

I'll find a pic for you tomorrow... ;)

Here are two 420's I spotted here on Koh Phangan in Thailand the last few days. Btw awesome contest idea @psyceratopsb 😁✌




Great promotion .. I don't want to be grumpy, but this is ment to be 420 spontaneous. This is intentionally made...
Even though I might be biased here when I choose winners.


Perfect amount of calories


Perfect round numb3r!