🔥 SMOKE MUSIC VIDEO Participation Challenge! ~ Earn CANNABIT Reward Tokens!

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2 years ago


Let's Make You Famous!

Just about 2 weeks @marshalllife released an awesome theme song for the Smoke Network called "Smoke Dot High Oh". If you haven't already heard it, you must be high (LOL), but you can find his announcement post with lyrics here.

Marshall creates his music in his spare time to help support and promote the platforms and projects he believes in and is often supported by the community in return for his efforts. Given the recent dive in the crypto markets vote values and funding is tight across the board and he is unable to create a solid video to go along with the Smoke.io track he created.

This is where you come in...

It was suggested by @stoner that we crowdsource the development of the music video using the Smoke community itself. Anyone who is interested in helping can submit a video clip of themselves singing (or lip-syncing) a portion of the song that will be edited into a montage of "actual people" from Smoke.io with Marshall's voice over it.

With that, I open up this call for talent with a participation challenge.

📜 What he needs...

Please stay within the guidelines to make sure you contribution can be included in the video.

1) Listen to the Theme Song and Check out the Lyrics

2) Pick Your Favorite Verse
(Or if you're feeling spunky... the whole song.)

3) Record Yourself Singing or Lip-syncing the words.

  • Please record in horizontal format (not iPhone vertical)
  • Please use the highest video settings you can.
  • You can mix in scenes of you smoking, rolling, etc if you want.

Please take the time to create videos that represent the image, mission, and vision of the Smoke Network in a fun, but professional way.

4) Upload your video(s)

  • You will need to upload your video to YouTube, dTube, Dropbox, etc. Some place that Marshall can grab them to download.

5) Reply in the Comments Below

  • Reply below with a direct link to your video(s) for download.
  • Embed them in the reply if you can for others to see.
  • You MUST put your Bitshares account name in the reply.

🏅 Challenge Rewards

This will be a 2 Week Challenge and all submissions must be in by Friday December 21. Rewards will be given out once Marshall has chosen the video clips he will add in. You will need a Bitshares account to receive any rewards.

will earn 500 CANNABIT tokens

All other submissions, that were honest efforts but did not make the video
will earn 100 CANNABIT tokens

Not to mention upvote rewards from the community.

What are CANNABIT Reward Tokens?

CANNABIT are cross-chain tokens that give their holders the power to summon an upvote from the @PowerPics account to any posts of their choice. This account is backed by a minimum of 100,000 Smoke Power and currently gives around a 43 SMOKE upvote. These tokens are only given to people who Participate in Challenges, Win Contests and do other things of value for the community!

CANNABIT tokens are a User-Issued Asset on the Bitshares DEX! So make sure you have a BitShares account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Smoke posts!

Good Luck!

I Look Forward to Seeing Your Creativity!

~ @PowerPics


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Awesomeeeee, Thanks Power pics ☺


thanks for the initiative man. let me see if i can give it a shot


yeah, shoot on it, it will be amazing mate.

can i make a stop motion for it ? :D it is inspiring ... resmoked
i just understand it will be a montage of smoke people, its so fun , i'll think about it


:-) Would be awesome to see what you come up with. I'm sure he would love some creative segments like that mixed in.

How good the idea! We want to participate, we will choose a verse. We hope to have the sweatshirts before the call ends so record the clip with them on: D

Oh boy, this is going to be great contest. Can't wait to see videos.


wont you be dropping videos yourself?

might end up winning big in the contest.

lost my phone yesterday eve. so im afraid i wont be participating


Unfortunately no, as I lack musical skills

wow amazaing contest really nice

good luck in the future!

Glad to see the community making this happen!!! I was so disappointed to see that @marshalllife was going to have to delay the project! This is going to be great!!! Good luck everyone😊

resmoked for awareness

Is this a beginning of a paid bots?


what do you mean mate?


If you can buy tokens, you can buy upvotes?


You EARN tokens for participating in platform supporting initiatives. The tokens cannot be bought/sold on the DEX, only used to reward your content.


ahaa.. ok thanks, nice to hear that... my mistake...