My Tetrapak Grow : We have some Seed sprouts (Hybrid)

11 months ago

I put my seeds in the water 2 days ago and already have a few seed sprouts.

Seeds added to water June 28 2020

Category: Regular Seed (Hybrid)
Strain: Pink Lemonade
Week: 1
soil type: All-purpose Potting Soil from Loblaws

I could not find a 2 Litre Tetrapak Carton at the Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada but I did find the 1.75 Litre of Tropical Mango - Oasis Smoothie for $2.99

This Mango Smoothie Drink is super delicious. I was hoping to get a Carton of Pink Lemonade but there was none available. I will keep looking....

Will this work ?


Here are my seeds so far .... Can you see them ?


How about now ?



Here is my Loblaws Potting Soil...


You can buy Legal High THC Cannabis Seeds in Canada for as little as $50 for 4 seeds ... or $12.50 per seed




About This Product

This strain smells fruity, and screams lemons and grapefruit on the exhale. The bud is coated in a generous layer of trichomes atop jade foliage and bronze pistils. With a higher difficulty to grow, you can be rewarded with very high THC percentages and incredible terpene profiles. This genetic prefers warmer climates, so cold nights are to be avoided and should be harvested before October in North America.

Yield: High
THC: 18–27%
CBD: < 1%
Terpenes: 1–2%
Flower Period: 8–8.5 Weeks
Lineage: Pink Kush X Lemon Skunk Feminized

BRAND: 34 Street Seed Co.

Wish I had some Mango Kush now ....

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Awesome start and looking good but you jumped the gun 😂 starts July 14 to give people time to get shit ready and hopefully a few signups to smoke by than.

I didn't know you can get OCS seeds they have a built in tracker 🤣 I wouldn't grow them lol


I will throw some more seeds in the water on July 14 then.... I will put these ones in some Solo cups.


Built in tracker ? How does that work ?

Right on!


Hopefully we get a lot of new growers this round ....


I think we will