My Favorite Smoke Apparatus ... Sea shell and wood pipe.

7 months ago

My favourite way to consume Cannabis is Home grown - Home made High CBD Tea.

When I smoke I use my old pear wood pipe, or an Abalone shell with nugs in a Sauna Hot box...


This is my old pear wood pipe. I make a mix of mostly High CBD and a micro dose of THC.


Contest :

A few words about what I smoke and how it makes me feel:

As mentioned before I smoke mostly High CBD dried flower with a microdose of high THC ... Blue Dream (Sativa) , Pink Kush (indica), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)

As you can see from the Pipe video I put about 1/4 gram nug of Charlotte’s Web (20%C BD) and less than 1/8 gram of High THC....

The High CBD Charlotte’s Web or Home Grown Freedom Dream makes me very content, relaxed and happy and the small amount of THC gives me an added sense of euphoria. If I add too much THC though I get a little paranoid and anxious.

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Ha! Been wondering if your pipe was going to make it into our contest! Good luck!


Yeah .. my old pipe is the easiest when I'm out for a hike .... but a big old nug in the Hot Box is awesome.

Its been ages since I used a pipe like that. I like the sounds of baking with the shell.


It fits perfectly in my jacket pocket.... I stuff it with nugs and hit the trail.

I see you have the white sage burning too. Good shit.


And Sweet Grass .... they are a wonderful blend.

Awesome pipe, you put the whole nugs right in there - must make for a nice slow smoke. That sauna hot box looks like the perfect place to smoke up in. I can tell you like to set the mood for the smoke session - thanks for the entry @offgrid :)


Yeah.... I have to light and relight the nugs but that way I can take my time and enjoy without rushing.... It’s a long Smoke sesh.

Nice pipe, and I like you approach to smoking with the mostly CBD and micro-dose of a mix of high THC strains, and also the artistic style photo of the buds kind of waterfalling into the pipe - I tip my hat to you good sir. I could not play the videos unfortunately however.