Catch 0.420 Contest by @easyrider - JOIN AND WIN AWESOME PRIZES

last year

Hey, you awesome!

This is an invitation for you to join @easyrider's awesome but easy contest, click here to get there.

It's easy, you just have to spot a reward amount with a close value to 0.420 in the decimal value of the reward. Example, 4.410, 3.419, 1.417... Make sure the decimal value of the number is closer to 0.420.

Awesome upvote and prizes await you, so go, look for 0.420 and win it!

Here is my attempt at catching 0.420. I am so close, I know, beat me to it!



UPDATE: See @easyrider's comment below. The reward has to be claimed and should be in the History. So, my screenshot is kinda too early because I was excited to catch it. LOL

Stay pro and stay high,


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Thanks @nona! Please note only claimed rewards count from now on - or if you see like this and don’t claim quickly, more rewards can come in and ruin it
TLDR- only written records under history, author and curation.


Oh, I missed that. Yep, indeed you might just hit 0.420 if you wait a little. I'll have to edit later and notify them about that. Thanks. Hahaha! Hopefully someone can hit 0.420. This post has to be disqualified, I want others to win it this time. ;-)


yep ... it has to be the final amount we can all check by going to look at the wallet (all wallets are public, 'pending' rewards cannot be verified.)

P.S. all my upvotes on the way, recharging another day first

Excellent... will give this a try

How i wish i knew this platform long time, hahaha now i just watch others to participate. Hope to be part of this contest soon.