The first "Share the Smoke" CBD Flower Giveaway!

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6 months ago

Hello, fellow Smokers!

I made a post a few weeks back about wanting to organize some giveaways on

Since then, I've been in contact with at least 4 different companies. All have ben very receptive to the idea of doing a giveaway, and I'm going to keep working with them and more...

But today, we are super fortunate that CBD Hemp Direct has donated some flower for a giveaway!! Thank you, CBD Hemp Direct!!!

First Prize

20 Grams of Charlotte's Sauce - 17% CBD Flower

Second Prize:

20 grams of Berry Wine - 13% CBD

To Enter

Just leave a comment below! Easy! A winner will be randomly chosen.

US Only: For this to be on the up and up, they can only ship within the US.

Winners will need to give me an email address, and I will pass that along to CBD Hemp Direct, and they will be shipping the prizes.

Winners will be picked on Monday, January 14 at 10pm Pacific time

Good luck!!!

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I would love to try some of this flower. We just got it here in our smoke supply shops, but I spend so much on marijuana that I can't afford to spend what they are charging locally for an 8th of CBD flower. But I really do want to try it so I am crossing my fingers that I am picked as the winner....

This is really cool! I have never smoked this type of flower before. It would be awesome to give it a try!!


WB sells it downtown but seriously the charge for an 8th is way too high pun really not intended.


At first I thought you were dabbed out with this comment, I was like what the hell is WB, warner brothers? Until we talked on the phone maybe i was the dabbed out one!!


LMAO that is too freaking funny, I figured you would get where I was talking about right off. Did you get smurfed??? lol


I most certainly did!!!

This is awesome. I’m in Canada so don’t qualify. But this is a great idea, upsmoked and Resmoked. I love my Charlotte’s Web 20 % CBD flowers. .... I actually get a really nice mellow high from them. I guess I am low tolerance to the .3 % THC

Luckily this is limited. Would loathe to win and then have customs want it to be opened in their presence. 😂

Trying my luck. Lets see if i get selected.

Okay, you have my attention with FREE CBD flower! I definitely want in on this. This is the BEST Giveaway on right now hands down! Good luck everyone! #Cheers #Mjgeeks #Giveaway


More coming soon!!!

I would love to try these! CBD Flower is the best.

This is an awesome giveaway. My husband can make some great cbd vapes and oils with this.