Getting back into the Joint game with the #jointcontest

last year

It's been a while since I rolled, but I broke out the old skills and dusted them off.

Before these 2, rolled 3 others (over the past couple of weeks). And to be fair, they (especially the first one) were pretty bad.


For my first entry in the #jointcontest, I rolled up a fatty of the Mind Fuck.

It's a strong one, but I had some pretty bad pain at the time and wanted to see how it would affect it (It worked 100% ).


Papers I used are the small size zig zag. They are advertised as "ultra thin". Like a condom. lol. I couldn't stop dropping terrible dad jokes the whole time I was at the smoke shop buying them. haha.


Ground pretty fine. And I really made sure to remove as many stems as I could.



After some brief finger acrobatics


Burn Quality

I would probably give it a 4 or 5 out of 10. It did smoke fine, but never burned evenly. I took it pretty slow too.

About 1/2 way thru, it seemed to want to go out, and the run was getting deep.



On the left is the roach of MF. On the right, is my backup entry. A big fatty of a full CBD strain (Honolulu Haze). This was just as a precaution. In case there was too much THC in the first joint.


The Verdict

I wish smoking wasn't so stinky, because I really enjoy rolling and smoking (for the most part), but for now I think joints will only be for special occasions.

Also, It's funny how fast tolerance is. This was nice, but nowhere near as powerful as the first time I vaped some.


  • Extreme pain relief - . It completely took away some serious gas pain/cramps I was having (sorry for being familiar, but this is for science lol. I ate something bad - likely chipotle or hand made chocolates. I want it to be the chocolates b/c I don't think I could live without my chipotle)

  • Made me super sleepy. I fell asleep way faster than usual.

  • Couch Lock

I'd love to keep some of this on hand for migraines or other kinds of severe pain. I think it's perfect for that.

Or just as a healthier alternative to drinking a few drinks (beers, wine, hard alcohol) at the end of the day to unwind.

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Not a bad roll at all, I prefer the zig-zag whites over the ultra-thins, because like the ultra-thin condoms, they break or tear so easily.

Awesome presentation of your entry, you have been entered into the contest!

Looks good all around! the bud and the j...
I completely agree, Smoking smells, which is why I like to dab and eat... I usually save the Js for concerts and outdoor events where I can't bring glass or I need to be discrete. Cheers @mjgeeks

Not a bad roll job that is for sure.

Still love the name "mind fuck"