My short story for the TrippyContest3 contest

last year

Hi Guys,

So I’m writing this post cause of #TrippyContest3 that was organized by @unnamed and @cryptosmokers. So this is a story about music being a big part of my life.

When I was 10 I started listening to Hip Hop. I guess it was just cool to listen to that style of music back then. The only band everyone was listening to was “SEL” famous hip hop band in Lithuania. These guys were just 16 years old. Here are some old school videos I found online.

SEL - Kiemas

This song is about the neighborhood. It’s a song about all the things you do and how much you love your neighborhood.

Sel - (aš toks) kaip ir tu

This song is all about how the same we are. You do one thing and I do another thing but in the end, I and you are the same.

So because of “SEL” I, started writing lyrics and every time I heard a hip-hop beat or something similar to it I would start to dance and just imagine myself on stage. I wrote my first lyrics when I was playing “DonkeyKong” on Nintendo. Still, love this song.

Donkey Kong Country Theme

This melody is so nice and brings me back memories when I listen to it.

When I turned 16 my family and me moved to the Netherlands. I went to school, learned Dutch and found out that you could legally drink beer and smoke cigarettes when you were 16. That’s when going out, partying and trying out new things started. If you live in Holland there is just no way you never tried smoking weed. So I tried it, but didn’t like it that much.

So while I was partying I met a guy who had his own studio at home and I was so enthusiastic about it that I went to record to his studio the same day. I always dreamt to have my own song and from that day we baked them like crazy. Here is one of our songs from back in the day.

Tizoy - Louder

Yup, that’s me and my best friend from the Philippines.

We produced many songs and collaborated with many different artists. Our songs were played on the radio and some of the songs that we produced for others were shown on TV. All we needed was to be known just a bit more and get a deal as producers with a label.

My best friend and an amazing producer were deported back to the Philippines just at the moment when everything was going so good with music. This is also the part where my music passion faded away.

Tizoy - Clubbin

This was my last song I have ever recorded.

I always listen to music and I have moments when I feel free or I feel angry or cool or cry. If you love music, you feel it and express how you feel.

Here Are some songs that got me through a lot of things in life.

Limp Bizkit - Nookie

In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

Depeche Mode - It's No Good

Hope you enjoy these songs and like the short story.

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Thanks for your contribution, @minigunner.

Several of those “songs that got me through life” did get their play time here as well.

Great nostalgic reminder with the DK theme song. 🦇


Ooh great to hear that @cannaweedness

Happy you could listen to some old school songs. And thank you for reading my post.

Yes! A new entry! And what a wonderful idea to think of game themes! Now there's a brandnew playlist appearing in my head! :D
Good luck


muuuahahaha :D Can't wait to see it! What about "What games do we like to play when we are high" :)

Thanks for the entry and good luck.
Interesting how you started with hiphop and developed taste for rock a bit later.


For me music is one language :) Every style of music has something that touches my heart and soul. I cannot dance to rock music but I love listening to it. I also love classical music. I love dubstep cause with this music I go all the way dancing. I dance so much that people start asking me for drugs lol cause they think im on drugs but hey... music is my drug :P


I think we can all relate to that. Drug/music reference is something heard since the early ages of almost all of us

What a cool story. I started lol when i saw your "sel" group. Haaaaaa. And wow about you and your bff from the Philippines. Im not into hip hop much but talent is talent. Too bad no one picked you guys up.


Heey @prettynicevideo, Happy you enjoyed the post and many tnx for your comment :) Yeah those where fun days. I even learned how to rap in Tagalog (that's Philippine language). Lemme see... yup here is a link to a video about a webcam made with a webcam lol :




hahaha :D I don't speak the language but just learned tje lyrics by hard. Took some time but I got it :) Cuban you say, I drink cuban coffee Cafe Bostelo made with cafetatria. Da best!!! :)


I guess you got to know one of my best friends here too @prettynicevideo! Music is life! And Life is Life - Nana Nanana!

"This is how we do it Lithuanian style...."

.....I like it @minigunner :)


Heey @barge wow tnx a lot :) Happy you like the song bro :)