HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE WEED?! (A Meme Comment Contest With A 40 Smoke Bounty)

2 years ago

Hi there, Smokers!

I wanna have good fun this week, so I'm starting my Sunday with pure good vibes! We'll have a simple, little game. A meme comment contest. If you've met me around the corners of the web, you know I love games and contests, it's my niche in this kind of platforms. And what's unique about the games and contests I host is there are NO LOSERS! No one loses in any of my games ever since I've been doing games and contests and anyone can join.

meme made in

I guess it's obvious in the title that it's a comment contest and it's a meme that you need to do. I love memes and I think blockchain social media platforms like Smoke should cater to everyone's interest even if they are as silly as memes. Because different people love different things and no one should stop anyone from loving what they want for as long as they do no harm. IF YOU DON'T LIKE MEMES, then get off of my lawn, scram and spread your bad, insensitive vibes somewhere else.

meme made in

Okay, so it's simple. Just make a meme that will answer the question: HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE WEED?! Smokers and non-smokers are welcome, just make the memes so funny you will tickle and break funny bones.

What's the sense in all these? Dude, E-N-G-A-G-E-M-E-N-T and having so much fun in a SOCIAL MEDIA for stoners and friends of stoners!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

  • 3 Entries get 10 Smoke each
  • All of the other entries will divide the remaining 10 Smoke Consolation Prize
  • No one loses, everyone gets something just for trying to make everyone laugh

Alright! Feel free to drop them memes below. Take note you need to make a meme that answers:


Take note, it's just a comment contest. Do not make a post with your meme because some people ... keep finding junk in others but can't see their own junk. You might be tagged as a meme spammer! Drop your meme comments down below. Thanks!

Contest runs the whole week!

Meme Source

Love and Peace,



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My entry... just a try...hehehehe...Instagram-33c3a4.png


God Bless




Hahaha! Goat people are in! Maaaahhh! LOL


Really,i am the goat keeper Maam

Wow 40 smokes I LIKE WEED LIKE A GOAT OK?!, hahaha...


Not made by me but it's one of my favorite weed memes.