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In the late eighties/early nineties my parents owned a Austin Princess car,for those that haven’t seen or heard of these cars they are quite large and resemble a huge wedge of cheese.My friends and I affectionately nicknamed it Sherman.
I asked if I could borrow it one afternoon as my vehicle was out of action for some reason or another.No questions asked my Dad throws me the keys,unknowing to him that Sherman had notoriety as a smoking wagon.
My friends and I loved that car for what she didn’t have in looks and style she certainly made up for in comfort.The front seats were like armchairs that fully reclined still leaving ample room in the back for a roller disco or at least plenty of room for 3 to skin up and enjoy.
After picking up 3 friends we headed off to a nearby golf course where we had a quiet secluded location on the cliffs looking out over the English Channel that was our favorite spot for getting stoned.Back then most smokers would smoke hash or occasionally seedy grass.
So we all pulled out our gear and started skinning up.
‘What is that smell’I said,my friend replies ‘it’s skunk,Chris brought it down from London,He’s growing it in his cupboard!,try it’.
A M A Z I N G,after trying it the green bus had arrived for all of us,heads tilted forward and not a word was said for about 20 minutes before someone pipes up..FUCKME THAT STRONG!!that was an understatement.After another one a few hours had passed and it was time to go.So we opened all of the windows,let the clouds of smoke out to try and straighten up a bit and get rid of the pungent smell so my parents wouldn’t suspect,we turned up the music and headed back.I said I will take the long way back through the private estate so I can have time to clear my head.
I was driving so slow that one of my friends said ‘it was like driving miss daisey’ so as I came around the gravel corner I double dipped the clutch,wheel spun and started to lose control so I turned the steering wheel the other way and realised I was even more out of control and was heading towards someones private garage so I turned the wheel once more and as I was snaking down the gravel track at speed I hit a large curb with recently felled trees behind and somehow we took off,the car being wedged shaped was airborne and what seemed an eternity and in slow motion and then all we could hear was the screaming of the engine where I still had my foot on the accelerator but had come to a stand still 3 meters high in some trees.
As I took my foot off the accelerator and started to process what had happened one of my friends said I can smell petrol,it’s gunna blow!,in shock we all opened the doors and realized how high we were(pun intended)and parachuted to safety or at least jumped down.
Someone from a nearby house who’s garage I had nearly taken out came running out to see what was happening and was amazed to see an Austin princess 3 meters up a tree as were we.
The man went back to his house and phoned a recovery truck and a taxi for us and when they arrived the drivers also were amazed at the height we had reached!.
The taxi dropped my friends off one by one and finally me.I was shitting myself at the prospect of telling my Dad about what had happened.I took a deep breath and went in the house.
‘Dad,there’s no way in sugar coating this,I can only tell you in the way I know how.....I have written off the car!’.I shut my eyes tight waiting for a clip around the ear but nothing,I opened my eyes and he said ‘have you been on that wacky backy again..don’t expect to borrow the next one’and with that he turned around and carried on watching the football and nothing was ever said about it again.
A tip of the hat goes out to you Dad for being so cool!.

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Dam man that would be insane. Props to your dad for not snapping that was lilely hard to do smashing his car. Does he burn weed now?

Was this for @unnamed contest? If so you got to add some extra tags I think


No,he doesn’t even drink!.
He and my mum are in their 70s now and still occasionally look after my plants if I have to go anywhere!.
Thanks for commenting it’s nice to air some of my antics from decades ago.


Sorry forgot to add a yes for [email protected] contest,but it doesn’t matter anyway it’s nice to just reminisce!.

Entry noted! Thank you for your contribution and participation in #TrippyContest