SmokeBit Design Contest by @EasyRider - Design #4

5 months ago

Hi everyone! Five days ago @EasyRider posted about a contest he is hosting. He would like us to create a logo for the "SmokeBit" token. There is a total of 200 SMOKE and 300 SmokeBit up for grabs.

The SmokeBit token will serve as the reward for the best entries. First place will receive 120 SmokeBit and everyone else will receive the remaining SmokeBit tokens (180 of them). He has placed his own example of a SmokeBit logo on his post that you can find here . . .

In addition, @EasyRider is encouraging us to use a high-resolution format. He would also like to see different sizes of the design that you come up with. Lastly, @EasyRider is requesting a transparent image of your logo.

Below are my submissions for his contest. One is a large image, another is a small image, and the last one is a transparent image.




#smokebit-logo #easyrider #smokebit #art

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really that the post of
SmokeBit Design Contest have been excellent I have all the weeks supporting several entries

Its a nice design.. I like the colors from white to green..