Predict The Price Of Smoke - Contest #42 💰

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Welcome to my "Predict the Price of Smoke" contest!
You can view the current price of SMOKE by visiting this link:

While you're there, you might want to consider buying SMOKE
 so you can give yourself some more "SMOKE POWER"

Contest Prize:

Closest Prediction Receives:

100% Upvote from @Maryjane (37,000 Smoke Power) 
100% Upvote from @Smokeasaurusrex (134,000 Smoke Power)
100% Upvote from @LordOfTruth (84,000 Smoke Power) 

  • Please give all of these awesome people a "Follow" because they
          are contributing their own "Smoke Power" toward your prize pool!
  • If you would like to contribute some of your own Smoke Power then     
         I will add you to this list!  I will be running this contest only twice per
          week. These days are Wednesdays & Fridays.  In addition, I will also
         include your picture as shown here and at the bottom of this post. 

  • You can contact me on Discord:  Maryjane ☮ #0827

    If we get enough of us SMOKE veterans in on this prize
    pool then that means the newbies will be checking out the
     price on bitshares (and potentially buying some SMOKE).

    Please go and vote Smokeasaurusrex for witness.
    You can do so here . . .

    Contest Rules:

  • Predict the price of SMOKE
  • Do not change or edit your prediction
  • Your guess should have 3 decimal places
  • In case of a tie the earliest prediction wins

  • Make sure your comment below looks similar to this:



    Prediction Deadline:

    July 7, 2019
    6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific

    Winner Chosen:

    24 Hours after the Prediction Deadline





















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    Price was .124





    .270 :)

    Nice to see you still pushing away at this... Now I am back I will pm on discord to see if I can add my vote again and send some smoke as prizes


    I'll write u 2nite.



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