Countdown to Christmas Contest - Day 18 Revealed - Win 10 SMOKE + Upvote 🎄

6 months ago

December 18th - @SkylineBuds

One of my favorite people on Smoke is @SkylineBuds.  He is constantly
contributing to the platform. Whether it be helping other users,
creating his own posts, upvoting, or doing the necessary work required
as a witness.  @SkylineBuds in EVERYWHERE.  In addition, he is also
very easy to talk to and one of the few people that I frequently talk with
on discord.  He has made Smoke more enjoyable for me since we both
started in September.  This Christmas, I want to thank him for his friendship.
   Please vote for @SkylineBuds as a witness here

December 18th:

Number of Guesses: 10
Number of Correct Guesses: 1
Winners:  @betgames


Hi everyone! I decided to make a "Countdown to Christmas Calendar" devoted to
the people that helped make what it is today. They spent A LOT of their hard
earned money investing and believing in this platform so that we ALL could enjoy it.

So this is my "Countdown to Christmas Whale Calendar Contest"
It is my way of saying thank-you to all the "Whales" on Smoke.

(for those not familiar with a "Countdown to Christmas" calendar . . . it is a calendar
in which you open one door per day until the last door is opened on Christmas day)

Contest Prize:

  The first person that answers correctly will be rewarded with 10 SMOKE

  • special thanks to @Gr8fulmag420 for adding to the prize pool

  •  The first 3 people that answer correctly receive a 100% upvote (about 5 SMOKE)

    Contest Rules:

  • Guess which "Whale" is behind door number 19
  • It could be ANY "Whale" so just take a guess
  • A "Whale" is someone holding over 75,000 SMOKE POWER

  • Hints:

    Hint #1: @Stoner is NOT placed behind the door on Christmas Day (way too obvious)

    Hint #2:  As each day passes your odds of winning increases (process of elimination)

    To the Whales:

    If you are not behind any door by the time Christmas arrives
    please forgive me. I just thought of this idea a couple days ago
    and I only included the "Whales" that first came to mind ❤

    *If any of you would like to add to the prize pool just message me in Discord
    My name on Discord is:  Maryjane

    #christmas #art #smoke #whales

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    Wohoo! Lucky me 🥳🥳 Now let others do the guess 😀 This was fun! , thank you @maryjane !


    Congrats!! ❤

    Wow thank you, This means so much. I am glad to help spread smoke with everyone here. Community engagement is key to smokes success.
    I enjoy talking to you on discord and anyone that does get the chance I am sure will say the same thing.

    @betgames awesome pick haha



    My guess is @indica


    WINNER!!   @Indica was behind door 19.

  • 10 SMOKE being transferred to your account now 💰

  • ·

    2nd Place - Congrats!

    @indica. :-)


    3rd Place - Congrats!

    Maybe @acid?

    I'm going to stick with @lilweezy😥

    My guess @plug

    I am gonna go with @elliot

    I’m going to stick with Nug. Until he shows up behind that door. :D

    my guess @acid :)