Countdown to Christmas Calendar Contest

6 months ago

Hi everyone! I decided to make a "Countdown to Christmas Calendar" devoted to
the people that helped make what it is today. They spent A LOT of their hard
earned money investing and believing in this platform so that we ALL could enjoy it.

So today I am officially kicking off my "Countdown to Christmas
 Whale Calendar Contest"
to say thank-you to the "Whales" on Smoke.

(for those not familiar with a "Countdown to Christmas" calendar . . . it is a calendar
in which you open one door per day until the last door is opened on Christmas day)

Contest Prize:

I will award the first 3 correct answers with a 100% upvote (about 5 SMOKE)

Contest Rules:

  • Guess which "Whale" is behind door number 16
  • It could be ANY "Whale" so just take a guess
  • A "Whale" is someone holding over 75,000 SMOKE POWER

  • Hints:

    Hint #1: @Stoner is NOT placed behind the door on Christmas Day (way too obvious)

    Hint #2:  As each day passes your odds of winning increases (process of elimination)

    To the Whales:

    If you are not behind any door by the time Christmas arrives
    please forgive me. I just thought of this idea a couple days ago
    and I only included the "Whales" that first came to mind ❤

    *If any of you would like to add to the prize pool just message me in Discord
    My name on Discord is:  Maryjane

    #christmas #art #smoke #whales

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    I think @acid is behind door 16!!!

    This is a great idea for a contest!

    Is there a list of whales to guess from?


    @rawpride has one on his profile


    Great question! ❤

    Nope. You gotta know who the whales are and then pick one.

    sure @acid

    @kwest84 is my guess

    My answer is @raz.

    I’m going with @nug @skylinebuds because nug is too little known, except by plagiarists. 😅

    Let me try with @trees

    my answer is @acid

    I am with @acid

    This is an fun idea.

    @raz maybe???

    I will go with @skylinebuds. :-)