how to get upvote here

in #contest
7 months ago

hello smoker
i have created 1 post yesterday but not getting support of smoke community.
please smoker if u help me with upvote then i will create daily good post...
please... please
if u have any good discord channel community then comment in my post..

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Stay related to the topic of the site. It is not an obligation for members to upvote.

So, how about we flip tables here: you create awesome content and if we like it, we upvote it.

Just create. And stay within the topic of the site.

Also... do not beg for upvotes. That doesn’t work. Don’t beg for comments either. Perform quality and upvotes will follow.

Note that this is a niche community so crossposted content will not work here unless niche related.

Not by posting like this that is tip number 1

Tip number 2 post about the culture (cannabis) not about any random bullshit

Tip number 3 dont post ask for upvotes. Put your time in and trust me you will get rewarded