Blazin' MeMe Contest #5 Stoned Fox! + UpSmokes for sharing cannabis-related content in the comment section

2 years ago

Hey Smokies!

Wow! You really came through last week with more than 10 amazing entries for the MeMe contest. Although many of you didn't share them elsewhere online like I originally planned. It sparked an idea which is to make a twitter profile for @luckyluke. There, I'll share your memes and a lot of cannabis-related content all of which will be related to in some way, or another. The goal of @luckyluke on twitter is to become the go-to place for like-minds interested in the herb and funny weed-related content and of course, migrate them to

So, from now on, apart from making MeMes

In the comment section, you can always share some interesting cannabis related images, or articles for me to review and possibly post on Twitter later on. As with MeMes, the best canna-content shared in the comment section will be UpSmoked!

Enter The Blazin' Meme Contest

  • Make an original meme of the image above
  • Post it in the comment section down bellow
  • UpSmoking and ReSmoking this post is optional but helps increase the reward pool and exposure
  • Promote with your memes by reposting them on other social media websites

NOTE: Blazin' Memes must be funny for people outside of the crypto space! They have to be funny to those who have no clue about crypto, the regular Joes. Generally funny, not just to crypto people. Because if your memes are crypto focused then, we lost all point in promoting them on other social media websites where around 70% of users still yet have no clue about the inside jokes you are trying to make.

Last week's winners are as high as this goat!

#1 - by @barge

#2 - by @maryjane

#3 - by @pacolimited

Thanks for the awesome memes peeps! This week's really made me chuckle and giggle :D

New Contest Image

stoned fox.png

Show me what you got!

Create a meme out of the given image and post it on, or just leave it in the comment section.
Don't forget to re-post it on your social media to promote, screencap it and post it in the comment section as proof.

Winners will get

#1 place - 25 SMOKE
#2 place - 15 SMOKE
#3 place - 10 SMOKE

Additionally, all winners will receive my UpSmoke.

Memes are a form of free ads

If they are funny, chances are those who enjoy them, will want to find out about when they see the watermark. The conversion rates we are going to get on this when they see Smoke, Earn, Repeat are going to be crazy.

If you help me make this contest a thing. I can imagine us pulling in a great deal of SMOKErs from FBIbook, InstaGay, Twatter and all other worthless, centralized platforms and introduce them to SMOKE by sharing our Memes on there!

Oh ye, and always remember that...

So, blaze it Smokies!

To finish off I would like to let you know that, I have teamed up with @enjoyinglife to start running a witness! Its name is @luckylife. If you have a free witness vote, consider giving it to us!



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