Blazin' MeMe Contest #4 High as a Goat?

last year

Blazin' MeMe Contest

With the changes to how tags work an low engagement, I had a tough time trying to figure out if continuing the contest even makes sense, or not. Let's try a couple more weeks and see how it goes.

Memes are like free ads

If they are funny, chances are those who enjoy them, will want to find out about when they see the watermark. The conversion rates we are going to get on this when they see Smoke, Earn, Repeat are going to be crazy.

If you help me make this contest a thing. I can imagine us pulling in a great deal of SMOKErs from FBIbook, InstaGay, Twatter and all other worthless, centralized platforms and introduce them to SMOKE by sharing our Memes on there!

How to Enter

  • Make an original meme of the image above
  • Post it in the comment section down bellow
  • UpSmoking and ReSmoking this post is optional but helps increase the reward pool and exposure
  • Promote with your memes by reposting them on other social media websites

NOTE: Blazin' Memes must be funny for people outside of the crypto space! They have to be funny to those who have no clue about crypto, the regular Joes. Generally funny, not just to crypto people. Because if your memes are crypto focused then, we lost all point in promoting them on other social media websites where around 70% of users still yet have no clue about the inside jokes you are trying to make.

When your friends are douchebags

Okay I had to join this weeks #blazinmemecontest Check them out

New contest image

Winners will get

#1 place - 25 SMOKE
#2 place - 15 SMOKE
#3 place - 10 SMOKE

Additionally, all winners will receive my UpSmoke.

Show me what you got!

Create a meme out of the given image and post it on using the #blazinmemecontest tag
Post on your social media, screencap it and post it in the comment section as proof.

Remember that....

So, blaze it Smokies!

Cya in a week!

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Don’t worry, Luke...

... and low engagement, I had a tough time trying to figure out if continuing the contest even makes sense, or not.

It’s all still very early days and we are not that many yet who are constantly active every day. Or (meme) creators.

Barely 2 months in and so many new users need to get used to the 7 days cycle and all things like that. Not to mention limited trading options and PD if they want to “feel earning” aso...

It’s initiatives like yours which will help thou. Slowly but surely and then some day the so-called hockey stick growth (or tall end of the S-curve) will be hit.

It’s these grassroots initiatives - I will not apologize for the pun - which lead to things to eventually happen. But Rome wasn’t built over night either. Keep at it and soon enough you will notice what it all did and how people will pick it up.


I know is just in its infancy phase but, I just can't help myself not to get disappointed with low engagement.

I hope things will change sooner than later, and that Smoke will start picking up the pace and start pulling in a lot of users from other social media websites.

I'll do whatever I can to help in that.


Please do not be disappointed...your meme will pick up users... it takes a while, just keep it going!


We´ll promote your meme contest on other social media. just wait and see..


Don't oversmoke be sad dear, this is just started. You will rock it later.

Hey Lucky, here you go....chin up bro, the platform's gradually picking up speed :)

Hey Luke, here's my entry for the blazin meme contest :)


Hey buddy! Great entries.Thanks for making so many of them :D


beshy you're goin to selfie bwahahaha....


Good one! Just reminded me that I forgot to add a watermark for this one.....

Screenshot_25 b.png


love it!


Thank-you @Luckyluke!! ❤

Ode to my situation yesterday.


hahaha so true. Good one!

First let me say thank you for your contest & for the smoke that you have sent me! I for one Like your contest & I also can relate to how you feel but I do feel in the end it will work out for us LEGENDS. I hope you have a great day! #cheers


Thanks! Glad to have you here contributing and sending good vibes/encouragement. I'll do my best to make it work.

@luckyluke, keep it up. Smoke is not far from new so people are yet to hear about it. Even this type of event publicise it. It's a matter of time. People will join.
Steemeat started somewhere too.


Will do!I'm not going to give up easily!


Thanks for the entry!


You are so welcome.

I wil be submitting mine later on.
Don't worry,keeping high.and high.

My entry:

Upsmoked and resmoked!
Smoke on!