Blazin' MeMe Contest #3 - 161 SMOKE Reward Pool, This Week Thanks to @jwolf Donating 111 SMOKE

2 years ago

Blazin' Meme Contest

Yes, yes and yes! Last week was amazing. We re slowly but surely picking up pace for the contest and we had quite a couple, very funny memes last week. Some users even shared them on other social media sites which I really appreciated. Along with the more entries, a lot more sharing of your memes elsewhere online, is what I would like to encourage you to do.

By doing that, you have a chance to create new Smokies in a very non-obtrusive, funny way.

High as a fucking kite

#1 @reefermom - 50 SMOKE

Blazin Meme Contest!

#2 @gr8fulmag420 - 30 SMOKE


#3 @movas -20 SMOKE

Blazing meme contest 100 smoke reward by @luckyluke

New Contest Image

marge blazin caption contest.png

How to Enter

  • Make an original meme of the image above
  • Post on using #blazinmemecontest
  • UpSmoking and ReSmoking this post is optional but helps increase the reward pool and exposure
  • Earn additional points by promoting with your meme on other social media


  • Each contest image whas a watermark included so that users who decide to enter the contest can promote Smoke by sharing their Memes on their social media accounts.

  • Those who decide to help in spreading the word about SMOKE outside of and the cryptospace get extra points and increased chances of winning.

  • Aditional extra points can be earned by resmoking the contest post to increase exposure and upvoting it to increase the reward pool for the next contest.

  • Donating helps but no extra points will be granted for donations. Victory can't be bought!

  • Extra points will be used in deciding the winners. If I like two memes the same, the one who has more extra points will win.

NOTE: Blazin' Memes must be funny for people outside of the crypto space! They have to be funny to those who have no clue about crypto, the regular Joes. Generally funny, not just to crypto people. Because if your memes are crypto focused then, we lost all point in promoting them on other social media websites where around 70% of users still yet have no clue about the inside jokes you are trying to make.

Memes are like free ads

If they are funny, chances are those who enjoy them, will want to find out about when they see the watermark. The conversion rates we are going to get on this when they see Smoke, Earn, Repeat are going to be crazy.

If you help me make this contest a thing. I can imagine us pulling in a great deal of SMOKErs from FBIbook, InstaGay, Twatter and all other worthless, centralized platforms and introduce them to SMOKE by sharing our Memes on there!


  • Unlimited amount of entries
  • Original memes only

Winners will get

#1 place - 80 SMOKE
#2 place - 60 SMOKE
#3 place - 21 SMOKE

Aditionally, all winners will receive my UpSmoke.

And one huge thanks to @jwolf for donating 111 SMOKE to increase reward pool for this week!

Show me what you got!

Create a meme out of the given image and post it on using the #blazinmemecontest tag
Post on your social media, screencap it and post it in the comment section as proof.

Remember that....

lucky luke thumbnail bolji.png

So, blaze it Smokies!

Cya in a week!

lucky luke thumbnail.png

Don't forget to use #luckyluke tag if you want to be curated by @luckyluke :D

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Wow! Thanks @luckyluke! Congrats @reefermom, that is an excellent meme!!


Thank you!


Credit where it's due☺


Np, the gif was great! Looking forward to seeing more of your work :D


Thanks! I've gotten into creating even more since coming over to smoke😊

Nice, I am entering this week to help with promoting here is my POST I did make 2 different Memes & anyone can feel free to use them on any site. Alos, here is proof of sharing on Instagram & Twitter

Instagram Screenshot
Instagram proof.jpg

Twitter Screenshot
Twiiter proof.jpg


Awesome! Thanks for partiiating!

Wow thank you! What a great contest! This should be a great next round! Good luck everyone!


Np! Thanks for joining! Looking forward to your next ones :D